E-hailing drivers sue Grab, Transport Ministry over workers' rights

By THE STAR | 15 November 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: An e-hailing drivers' group has issued a letter of demand to the Transport Ministry and e-hailing operator Grab, claiming they lack workers' rights.

Campaign to Protect the Rights of E-hailing Drivers in Malaysia spokesman Ng Kian Nam said they had several demands.

Among these, said Ng, were for the government to recognise the rights of e-hailing drivers under the Employment Act; for the government to prohibit unfair dismissal of their drivers by e-hailing operators in the country; and for the government to prohibit any discrimination in terms of employing under-privileged people, such as persons with disabilities and senior citizens.

Ng, who is also MCA Civil Society Movement Bureau chief, said the letter of demand was issued on behalf of former e-hailing driver Yip Lai Ching who, he claimed, was unfairly dismissed as a driver for Grab (MyTeksi Sdn Bhd).

Ng said Yip, who took her PSV licence in June this year, was dismissed on July 23.

According to him, Grab said her dismissal was because she had argued with passengers.

Ng added that Yip was disputing this as there had been instances when male passengers – who hailed her using the Grab app from another person's account – harassed her.

He said the letter of demand also asked for a special e-hailing services tribunal to deal with matters such as this.

Ng said at the moment there appeared to be a power imbalance between drivers and riders as Grab took riders' words more seriously than drivers'.

This, he added, made drivers' job and safety more insecure.

The group also launched a fundraising campaign for their legal proceedings against the ministry and Grab, using the theme "Each person RM10, fight for our justice and dignity".

For more information, the public can call Vincy (012-331 0140) or Dominic (018-386 0768).