Falken unveils latest ZE914 and SN832i tyres

By CARSIFU | 2 July 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: Stamford Tyres, the exclusive distributor of Falken tyres, has unveiled a pair of tyres that’s designed to suit the needs of small to mid-sized vehicles, namely the Sincera SN832i and the sport-comfort Ziex ZE914.

The Falken Sincera, priced from RM150 to RM380, comes in 33 sizes ranging from 50 to 70 series profiles and can be fitted onto wheels sizes ranging from 12 to 16-inch.

The Japanese tyre maker claims its Sincera tyre is capable of delivering high levels of durability thanks to its widened reinforced internal steel belt for better mileage while providing maximum wear performance.

With an enhanced level of rigidity for the tread’s pattern, the tyre is said to be resistant to irregular wear with a four-rib pattern design to help maintain the size and strength of the pattern blocks.

This helps to optimise its footprint to ensure contact pressure is evenly distributed across the entire tread and with a rounded profile strain on the tyre can be evenly distributed while reducing deformation levels.

Falken Ziex ZE914 - 01
The sportier Ziex is currently fitted on the Volkswagen Passat as standard and is currently available in 56 sizes from 35 to 65 series and can be fitted on 15 to 18-inch wheels, while bring priced from RM220 to RM900.

The tyre has been endowed with the comfort of users in mind as well as their safety with a new heat-resistant and silica-rich rubber compound formulation to enhance wet performance with less rolling resistance to help improve fuel economy.

Lastly, the large shoulder block pattern helps increase durability by decreasing shoulder wear and subsequently helps increase the tyre’s resistance to irregular wear.

In doing so, it helps maintain an optimum footprint with an evenly distributed contact pressure across its entire tread.

Falken Ziex ZE914 - 02