Get the Klassen Armoured Cullinan, when the regular Cullinan is not enough

By CARSIFU | 12 October 2021

HANOVER: Sooner or later, an armoured Rolls-Royce Cullinan will come along. Sure enough, it has. Meet the Klassen Armoured Cullinan.

The German aftermarket supplier is offering up an armoured Cullinan, equipped with its security solutions that promise the utmost protection and comfort for its occupants while travelling in dangerous areas.

Other than that, the vehicle is designed to be ideal for both drives in the city and long journeys, while delivering a smooth ride with its adjustable air suspension which adjusts its height with road scanning cameras.

In addition to the standard OEM safety features, Klassen adds 360-degree protection with its armouring solutions.


The Klassen Armoured Cullinan is protected with the latest technologies and innovative lightweight ballistic materials to provide clients with the utmost security.

Klassen unique overlap system is integrated into all door seals to offer complete protection up to the CEN 1063 Level BR6 armour level. Both the ceiling and floor are also armoured, to protect the vehicle from the blast of two DM51 hand grenades exploded at the same time.

The interior features exclusive high-end materials, ambient LED lighting, smart technology devices, advanced multimedia and audio systems.

Klassen can accommodate interior customisations to suit client preferences, while keeping the exterior appearance as close as possible to the vehicle’s original design in order to provide discreet security that does not attract unwanted attention.


Protection for battery and electronic control module, reinforced door hinges and suspension, siren/PA/Intercom system, a heavy duty brake system are among the myriad options that can be specified if price is no object.

This modified Cullinan is going for €833,000 (RM4mil).

Klassen also offers a stretched armoured Cullinan with an extra metre in its wheelbase.

For €1.8 million (RM8.7mil), the XXL Rolls will come with level nine ballistic protection.

Expect the armour-plating to make a dent in the standard Cullinan’s 250kph top speed, arising from a 563bhp twin-turbo V12 on board.


As well as all the bombproofing, Klassen will add other luxuries, such as a panoramic glass roof, a Bang & Olufsen stereo and partition walls.

If you can meet the steep price tag, it’ll take Klassen six months to build you one.