Isuzu Dura-Miles Challenge in Sarawak

By CARSIFU | 26 May 2017

KUCHING: Isuzu Malaysia (IMSB) recently organised the Dura-Miles Challenge 2017 in Kuching, Sarawak to showcase the fuel efficiency of the award-winning D-Max.

About 29 Isuzu customers took part in the challenge.

The route started in “Taman Rekriasi Batu Kawah (MJC)” to Sematan Palm Beach Resort, and back to MJC, a distance of 208km, taking 4 hours to complete.

Unlike most other competitions where speed of completion was the criteria for winning, in this one, the driver who completed the entire journey with the lowest fuel consumption was declared the winner.

This competition objective is to test one of D-Max key strength, fuel efficient and at the same time to stay connected to the customers.

Isuzu_09 (Large)

IMSB executive director Hajime Machimura emphasised the Isuzu brand’s core values; durability, reliability and fuel efficiency.

“We did our third attempt to test our D-Max fuel efficiency in Dura-Miles Challenge 2015. We drove to Bangkok and travelled across 3 countries in 4 days with just one full tank of diesel. The distance covered is 1,809km which averaged 24km per litre of fuel.”

“We hope our customers are able to realise how far they can go with just a little fuel in their D-Max and that they have
made a good choice by owning the Isuzu D-Max.”

There were two categories namely the Isuzu D-Max 2.5-liter engine and 3.0-liter engine.

The winner of 2.5-liter engine, Jerry Anak Wan Jok travelled 208km with only 10.62 liters of diesel.

Runner up was won by Anuwar Payakun and Dayang Hamdiah Abang Hadari was at third place.

For 3.0-liter engine, Ng Quek Peng was a winner with 12.33 liters of diesel.

Ira Belanda was a runner up winner and the third place is won by Liew Kwong Vun.