Kia K8 interior teased

By CARSIFU | 8 March 2021

SEOUL: Kia has teased the interior of its up-coming K8 luxury sedan.

The South Korean car maker which recently rejuvenated its branding, showed a luxurious interior featuring a panoramic curved display that links a 12-inch digital cluster with a 12-inch infotainment system.

Its detailed wood trimming also helps to create a feeling of calm and natural well-being within the K8 with state-of-the-art tech connects the car to the modern world.

Wood surfaces are stylistic elements directly inspired by modern yachts, were used to add depth and sophistication to the K8's cabin.

In addition to intricate diamond lattice design and Nappa leather, Kia’s innovative ‘Star Cloud’ lighting graces the K8 interior, projecting glittering and interactive ambient lighting on the door trim and dashboard areas.

The luxury model also debuts a new steering wheel design from Kia and the company’s contemporary new logo that expresses ‘symmetry’, ‘rhythm’ and ‘rising’ elements, embodying Kia’s confidence and renewed commitment to customers.

The K8 is the first-ever Kia vehicle to feature industry-leading audio from Meridian.


The 14-speaker premium sound system from the world-renowned British audio pioneer delivers the fine quality in-car surround sound and is another example of Kia’s upward journey in realising new levels of quality, technology and performance.

Kia senior vice-president and head of Global Design Centre Karim Habib said: “The interior of the K8 is a canvas for our ambition to define the future, nature meets modern technology, and refinement meets uncompromised comfort. It is a first-class travel space that fulfils the needs of the driver and passengers.”

“The K8 is a modern saloon with a dynamic exterior that is matched by its progressive and elegant interior. This car – our first since our new company rebranding – puts us on the path forward as we look to realise our future goals,” he said.

The K8 is due for market launch later this year.