Kia Stinger on the way out?

By CARSIFU | 18 July 2021

PETALING JAYA: The Kia Stinger is slated to be axed by April 2022, according to a South Korean auto blog site.

Citing unnamed industry sources, Korean Car Blog wrote that the Sohari plant in Gwangmyeong would be retooled for mass production of electrified vehicles that would include a hybrid Carnival MPV.

The Stinger is made at the plant and the sources said there are no plans to continue making it past April next year.

Poor sales are always the death knell for car models and it's a fact that the Stinger, introduced in 2017, hasn't been making money for Kia.

The Stinger underwent a facelift recently, and there's every likelihood that that will not be enough to keep the sports car in the Kia portfolio past 2022.

Meanwhile, the Stinger remains on sale until Kia says otherwise.