Light green shade for cars to dominate in Asia Pacific come 2021, says BASF

By CARSIFU | 18 October 2020

FRANKFURT: A muted shade of green is expected to be the top colour choice for cars sold in the Asia Pacific in 2021, according to German automotive coatings maker BASF.

Asia Pacific’s key colours reflect a positive, flexible attitude for change, action and the future. They are warm and emotional colours with a steady mood. They are not black or white, but more blurred and floating, like human emotion.

“Individuality is the trend in play here. We live for today and want to make the future better,” said Chiharu Matsuhara, head of design, Asia Pacific.

“We try to enjoy life and be positive as much as possible, and change what we did in the past.”

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The findings are part of BASF's 2020-2021 Automotive Colour Trends for various parts of the world.

Other global key colours are a warm beige for EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and coarse gray for North America.

Designers of BASF’s Coatings division around the globe created the collection, called CODE-X, with everything from new, reimagined whites, to the darkest of jet blacks, and a variety of vibrant colour spaces in-between.

Every year, the designers of BASF’s Coatings division study future trends which they use as foundation for the development of surface, texture and colour positions. They draw inspiration from many things, including industry, fashion, consumer products, and nature. They share their research with BASF’s customers – the automotive designers – and help develop the colours of the future.

The colours serve as inspiration to automotive designers for vehicles that will be on the road in three to five years. Many have effects or textures, making them a tactile as well as a visual and emotional experience.