Good Samaritan uses own car to stop a runaway vehicle in S. Korea

By THE STAR | 16 May 2018

SEOUL: A man who purposely crashed his car into an unconscious driver’s car on a highway is being widely praised for preventing a more serious accident.

Han Yeong-tak, 46, told local media that his own car was the least of his concerns when he spotted an oddly crawling vehicle scraping the middle divider of the highway.

The driver of a car, who reportedly had a chronic illness, had passed out while driving due to the previous day’s stress. The car had already rolled on for 1.5km when Han - quite literally - stepped in.

Blackbox footage from the car revealed several passing cars overtaking the vehicle without stopping to look, until suddenly Han decided to stop his Tuscani in front of the unconscious man's moving vehicle, bumping it to a halt.

Incheon District Police said Monday (May 14) that it will close the case on the crash that occurred on May 12 on the second West Coast Highway, as the collision was “unlike other highway accidents”.

Hyundai, the carmaker of Han’s Tuscani, offered to repair his vehicle free of charge. — The Korea Herald/Asia News Network