MAN TGM an all-rounder municipal vehicle

By CARSIFU | 4 August 2016

PETALING JAYA: When it comes to municipal tasks such as transporting waste, emptying pits and extracting sludge and waterway or road maintenance, the MAN TGM is the ideal vehicle and an all-rounder to help with all such on-road and off-road operations.

The truck also impresses with its low fuel consumption, made possible by the extremely lightweight frame design with maximum stability and loading capacity.

The sophisticated but intuitive transfer case lock management (VSM) also ensures excellent off-road capability. The driver can use the standard MAN rotary switch to select all switching and locking operations – controlling everything single-handedly.

Another safety feature ensures that it is only possible to switch between on-road and off-road gear ratios when the vehicle is stationary and the gearbox is in neutral.

The integrated hill-climbing brake provides additional assistance, as it enables the driver to make hill starts without the vehicle rolling backwards.

This eases the strain on the driver during difficult maneuvers, reduces the risk of accidents caused by the vehicle rolling backwards, and reduces wear on the clutch and gearbox.

The MAN ABS for off-road operation, the off-road logic for the anti-lock braking system, is particularly useful when driving on unsurfaced roads.

The driver and passengers can also enjoy the benefits of a comfortable workplace in the cab. The driver can settle back into an air-sprung comfort seat with lumbar support, shoulder adjustment and seat heating.

A passenger seat bench with individual seats allows two additional colleagues to travel in comfort.

“When it comes to municipal vehicles, nothing is more important than maximizing efficiency, minimizing operating costs and environmental compatibility.  We are confident that MAN TGM trucks can help provide tried and tested technical solutions for any municipal application”, said Hartmut Muller, Managing Director of MAN Truck and Bus (M) Sdn Bhd.