Maserati MC20 supercar launched from RM1mil

By CARSIFU | 24 June 2022

PETALING JAYA: June has been a busy month for Maserati in Malaysia. Shortly after unveiling the Grecale SUV earlier this month, it tops it off with the MC20. Now Maserati can crow that it has a supercar in its line-up.

Local distributor Naza Italia-Maserati today gave the local media a look at the first MC20 to reach Malaysia, marking its launch.

The yellow car on display has already found a customer who took delivery of the car on Monday. As this is the only unit available in Malaysia right now, the customer, said to be a businessman, has agreed to let the local distributor have the car for a few days to promote the model.


The MC20's base price is RM1.08mil (before taxes, insurance and options). Waiting period for the Maserati halo car is one year.

The  MC20 also comes in a convertible version that was revealed just last month, less than two years after the world debut of the MC20 coupe. An electric version will arrive in future.

The car has a sleek line, with nothing sticking out of the body except for the side mirrors and a discreet rear spoiler that improves downforce.

The drag coefficient is 0.38, which is higher than many mainstream cars, as the MC20 creates lots of downforce, which tends to cause greater drag as a result.

The MC20 is fitted with butterfly doors and succeeded the MC12 supercar, which was produced in limited number from 2004 to 2010.

The doors, made of carbon fibre, are not only light and striking but are also functional, as they improve the car’s ergonomics and enable optimal access to and from the cabin.


In fact, carbon fibre is generously used for the body of the car to keep it lightweight. With a kerb weight of under 1,500kg, the MC20 is rated as best in class in weight/power ratio, at just 2.33kg/hp.

The MC20 (MC for Maserati Corse and 20 for 2020, the year of its world première and the start of the brand’s new era) is powered by the much-hyped Nettuno engine, a 630hp twin turbo V6 mill making torque of 730Nm.

It sprints from 0-100kph in under 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of over 325kph.

Power to the rear wheels is relayed by an 8-speed dual wet clutch transmission.


Maserati has traditionally used engines supplied by Ferrari. With the MC20, Maserati has for the first time use its in-house Nettuno engine.

In the cabin, the dash is driver-oriented, and comprised components with very few sharp edges and minimal distractions.

The dash comes with two 10-inch screens: one for the cockpit and the other for the infotainment.

The MC20 is the first new-generation Maserati to have the ignition button on the steering wheel (launch control is there, too); each of the five drive modes (Wet, GT, Sport, Corse, ESC Off) are identified by colour.

Simplicity is also the keynote of the carbon fibre-clad central console, with just a few features: the wireless smartphone charger, the driving mode selector, two speed selection buttons, the power window controls, the Multimedia System controls, and a storage compartment underneath the armrest.


A single button controls the adaptable suspension, which can raise the typically low supercar 50mm.

Keeping it Italian, the hifi audio system comes from Sonus Faber.

Maserati has for a start offer six exterior colours for the MC20 but customers should be able to choose their own for an extra charge if the standard ones don't appeal.

The factory colours Maserati offers are Bianco Audace (white), Giallo Genio (yellow), Rosso Vincente (red), Blu Infinito (blue), Nero Enigma (black) and Grigio Mistero (gray).

The MC20 supercar was developed by Maserati Innovation Lab and is produced at the historic plant on Viale Ciro Menotti.

It is covered by a 3-year warranty with unlimited mileage plus a free maintenance program of 3 years/60,000km, whichever comes first.

Apart from the MC20 and Grecale, Maserati also sells the Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans, GranTurismo coupe, GT convertible, and Levante SUV.