New Peugeot 408 finds a sure way to turn heads

By CARSIFU | 8 August 2022

PARIS: Putting an actual car in a see-through sphere will certainly get people to pay attention and start talking about it.

Peugeot did just that with its new 408 at the Louvre-Lens Museum in Lens, 200km north of the capital.

The 408 made its world debut in June and Peugeot staged the unusual presentation on Aug 4, which so happened to chime in with the model number (as in fourth day of the eighth month).


The 408 could be seen housed inside a transparent "Sphere", suspended and rotating in order to show the latest model from the Lion brand from every angle.

Since the new 408 boasts a unique, dynamic and innovative design, Peugeot wanted the first public display of the new model to be inspiring.

So the French automaker despatched a team of artists, engineers and technicians from the Parisian creative studio Superbien to carry out the project created by the OPEn agency and transformed it into a breath-taking reality that appears to defy gravity.

The short film below on the eye-catching installation entitled "Unexpected from every angle", was shot at the Louvre-Lens in mid-July.