New Peugeot 408 transformed into SUV coupe

By CARSIFU | 31 May 2022

PARIS: Peugeot is getting ready to introduce the 408 as a SUV fastback or coupe by the end of June.

It released a teaser photo today showing the grille of the car and the model number above. The French automaker said the new 408 would be an SUV fastback.

The 408 that we were familiar with used to refer to Peugeot sedans and stationwagon. That's history from here on.

The new 408 is likely to be built on a stretched version of the EMP2 platform, and it wouldn't surprise us to know Peugeot would offer various powertrain choices from combustion engine to plug-in hybrids and a battery electric version, perhaps further down the road. Output could range between 177hp and 355hp.

Peugeot said the new 408 would be a global model, so that means it would not only be sold in Europe but would cater to a broader market.