New Range Rover Evoque enhances vision with cameras

By DPA | 16 March 2019

LONDON: Land Rover is gearing up to get the second generation of its Range Rover Evoque on the market: In April, the vehicle is set to go on sale starting at 37,350 euros (RM173,000).

The new generation will feature multiple cameras designed to give the driver a composite image of the ground below the car, thus making it easier to control off-road. This system can be acquired for an additional 460 euros (RM2,127), a spokesman says.

If you need a better view than the one the rear-view mirror offers, then cameras can also come to the rescue: Simply press a button, and the cameras on the back of the car offer you a much wider image.

The overall design of the new Range Rover hasn't changed much, because this has always been its greatest selling point, design chief Gerry McGovern says. One change is that the boot has more room, at between 591 and 1,383 litres.

Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 12.49.18 AM

Inside the cockpit, the carmaker has also switched to touch-screen controls, and a big screen takes up almost all of the centre console.

The new Evoque will come in three four-cylinder petrol or diesel models, which will have a performance range between 110 kW/150 PS and 221 kW/300 PS. That means it can reach a top speed of 242 kph.

Over the course of the year, the Evoque is set to also become available as a plug-in hybrid model.