Advanced simulator set to revolutionise Bentley research and development

LONDON: Bentley Motors unveiled a new Compact Full Spectrum Driving Simulator, to be installed at its plant in Crewe.

This technology will enable the company to conduct vehicle comfort development with fewer physical tests, significantly reducing real-world road testing.

The simulator is designed to assess ride comfort, cabin acoustics, vibration, and seat development over various simulated road conditions like potholes and bumps.

The simulator, developed in Italy by VI-grade, will be installed at Bentley's plant, saving around 85 tons of CO2 and up to 350 days of traditional road testing per vehicle prototype.


This move marks a substantial shift towards sustainability in the vehicle development process, minimising the need for physical prototypes and extensive physical tests, which often require transporting cars and staff to remote locations.

The system will also support the development of Bentley’s upcoming range of battery electric vehicles.

Bentley engineering head Dr Matthias Rabe highlighted the simulator’s dual benefits of advanced technical capabilities and significant sustainability improvements.

He said it would help define the luxury experience that customers expect from Bentley cars.

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