Petronas to introduce mobile refuelling service called ROVR

By CARSIFU | 17 June 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: Food delivery services are booming. And soon retail customers can get fuel delivery service as well albeit not quite at your doorstep.

This is the premise for the ROVR scheme, the first mobile refuelling service offered by Petronas Dagangan Bhd.

Petronas Dagangan claimed the service allows for a seamless and safe refuelling experience for both commercial and everyday drivers, beyond conventional petrol stations.

ROVR has been serving commercial customers since its pilot in October 2018, and has since delivered over 1 million litres of diesel. ROVR would be expanded to more commercial customers nationwide with the introduction of more ROVR trucks.

ROVR B2C 3000-liter side view

Petronas said the service would be opened by the third quarter to ordinary motorists, like you and me, at high-traffic hotspots, offering RON95 petrol for a start. To a question from CarSifu, Petronas said it may in future expand the ROVR offering to include RON97 petrol and diesel if the demand is strong.

ROVR’s current fleet includes a 4,000-litre capacity and three 11,000-litre capacity trucks for commercial customers. ROVR’s 3,000-litre capacity truck for end-consumers is at its pilot stage. By the end of this year, PDB will expand ROVR services nationwide and set up more refuelling sites.

ROVR B2B 11000-liter