Porsche Taycan launched in Australia with a sizzle and a crackle over Sydney’s Darling Harbour

By CARSIFU | 10 May 2021

SYDNEY: While the Porsche Taycan has already been on sale in Malaysia since last year, it took a while for it to reach Australia. Well, better late than never.

Its Australian debut was designed to evoke a "Wow!" reaction, and Porsche certainly went all out to make it happen.

Porsche chose Sydney’s Darling Harbour as the backdrop to an innovative water projection featuring the electric Taycan.

DMI_1145 LR

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Over the course of one night in early April, thousands of people enjoying their evening on the waterfront were enamoured and entertained by an eye-catching spectacle playing out over the harbour.

High pressure jets created a 20-metre-wide cloud hovering above the waterline, with stunning visuals of the Taycan projected on to it, along with 3D-effects, neon colours and electricity crackling across the water. A coordinated soundtrack added to the atmosphere.

DMI_0990 LR

All of this was complemented by projections on the side of a nearby skyscraper, placing the Taycan "firmly in the city".

The Taycan 4S, Turbo and Turbo S are now available to order via Porsche Centres around Australia, with the Porsche Car Configurator being live with local specifications and pricing.