Proton offers free 20-point check

By CARSIFU | 12 June 2018

SHAH ALAM: Take your Proton to the service centres and let the experts do a free on-site 20-point check.

In addition, customers who service their cars using Petronas Syntium SE 3000 and Syntium SE 800 engine oil at any Proton outlet will be entitled to an exclusive inverted umbrella or the Rolson screwdriver set respectively.

This offer is valid until 15th June 2018 or while stocks last.

"Over the years, Proton has organised the free 20-point check before our customers Balik Kampung for the festive holidays. It is quite essential for the driver's peace of mind and this also help ensure that your loved ones who are riding with you, are kept safe and comfortable in the long journey. When you know your Proton is in the best condition, your celebration becomes even better, and your Proton car can become part of your memorable journeys in life for the long run,” said Proton Edar CEO Abdul Rashid Musa.

For travellers heading to the north, south and east coast and who would like to get their cars inspected, Proton also has staff stationed at selected Petronas stations, where the Proton service team will perform the necessary quick checks.

Below are the details:

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For more information, customers can contact Proton Customer Care at 1800 888 398.

Below are reasons why you should visit a Proton service centre and go for the free 20-point check.

The check points can be categorised into three major areas - Engine Room, Exterior and Interior, and this complimentary service is provided with the current lubricant promotion.

Engine room

Your Proton expert technician will look at these points:

 Engine oil level
 Transmission fluid check
 Power steering hydraulic fluid
 Brake fluid level
 Coolant level
 Wind screen washer fluid
 Wiper blades
 Battery performance
 Front end alternator belt
 Radiator cap


They are round and black but they ensure you stay on the tarmac. Proton's technicians will help you check your:

 Tyre air pressure
 Tyre tread - Proton recommends tread to be a minimum 1.6 mm thick
 Physical condition of the tyres - damaged tyres like a cut can be dangerous and you cannot see the back of your tyre!


These are more intimate areas but you definitely need to have them in tip-top condition.

 Brake and clutch pedal free play
 Parking brake adjustment
 Switches, lighting and indicators
 Horn operation
 Safety belt harnesses and points
 Visual check on shock absorbers, brake and fuel pipes and lines

Now the checks do not take a lot of time and there are devices and tools required to check on the items, which means it is best to take your Proton to the service centres and let the experts do it for you!