Proton's April sales stumble

By CARSIFU | 6 May 2022

SUBANG JAYA: Domestic car maker Proton got off to a softer second quarter in April with a 32.2% lower sales compared with March.

Sales for April ended at 8,839 units (domestic + export) which also represented a decrease of 41.1% compared to the same month in 2021.

Market share for April is estimated at 15.6% while for the year, Proton sales account for a YTD market share of 17%.

Overall, for the whole of 2022, the company ranks second for cumulative sales and market share.


Despite an overall decrease in sales and market share, Proton models still led three market segments.

The X50, X70 and Exora continue to be at the top of the B-SUV, C-SUV and C-MPV segments with sales of 1,554 units, 1,530 units, and 301 units respectively.


The best-selling model in April however was the Saga with 4,579 units sold leading to a YTD total of 14,028 units in its final full month of sales before the launch of the 2022 Saga.

Overall, Saga is in second in its class with strong export demand expected to keep the current model in the line-up for some time to come.

Proton Edar chief executive officer Roslan Abdullah said even after two years of pandemic-affected sales, Malaysia’s automotive market continued to show strong growth potential in 2022 as evidenced by the long waiting list for new car deliveries.


“Proton is also trying to catch up to market demand, but we also must acknowledge being the most affected by chip supply issues.

“Thankfully for our customers, we have secured our supply of chips for May and June and are projecting a quick
turnaround in the coming months.


“The situation is still uncertain for the rest of the year and the global car industry is under pressure from rising costs, but the company is working on countermeasures against these issues to ensure our customers get the best products and value in Malaysia and abroad,” said Roslan.

Export sales for April meanwhile stood at 456 units, a figure that was also affected by parts supply issues.

YTD export sales now stand at 1,573 units, an increase of 109.7% compared to the first four months of 2021.

Pakistan is the biggest export market with 1,050 units followed by Egypt and Brunei with 172 and 138 units respectively.