Singer announces partnership with Phillips Perpetual

By CARSIFU | 3 May 2019

GENEVA: Singer announces that the Track1 collection by Singer Reimagined will be on permanent display within the new Phillips Perpetual gallery in Mayfair, a new watch collectors’ destination created by Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo.

This follows the confirmation of the Track1 as winner of the Chronograph category at the GPHG awards in November 2018. Singer Reimagined will be the only brand displaying new watches at Phillips Perpetual. The announcement follows two highly successful collaborations between Singer and Phillips.

In July 2018, Phillips hosted the Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer – Dynamics and Lightweighting Study as it was shown for the first time in London. Direct from Goodwood Festival of Speed and surrounded by art from Carlos Cruz-Diez, the car together with an exclusive collection of watches was presented at a private reception.

SR and SVD3

In February 2019, the Track1 timepieces from Singer Reimagined returned to 30 Berkeley Square as part of a private sales exhibition. The announcement that the collection will be exhibited at Phillips Perpetual marks the next step in a collaboration to present collectible watches and automobiles in bespoke surroundings.

The Track1 is a radical re-engineering of the chronograph. Its sleek lines frame an innovative and complex design with a display made possible by a revolutionary movement, the Agengraphe. Ten years in the making, this automatic caliber goes beyond the limitations imposed by preceding mechanisms, enabling a centralised indication of the chronograph functions, thus enabling a focus on legibility and performance.


Singer Reimagined is the sister company to Singer Vehicle Design, based in Los Angeles, and created a decade ago to pursue the creative possibilities within the world of iconic automobiles. Both companies combine iconic design with cutting-edge material science in pursuit of mechanical art.

Phillips Perpetual is a first of its kind platform that will launch at Phillips London on 30 Berkeley Square, presenting the finest collectors’ watches in custom-built surroundings.

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