Six tricked-out driving schools for the luxury globetrotter

By CARSIFU | 16 November 2015

NEW YORK: Hoping to drive like James Bond on a chase through Rome? May we suggest you take a driving school first?

There are plenty to choose from in the luxury category: ones that cost a couple hundred dollars for an hour to those that cost tens of thousands for days of private instruction. Here are six of the best. And you don't even have to be in an Aston Martin to graduate. Though that does help if you're hoping for 007 status-or are looking to learn how to drift on ice.


BMW Driving Academy
What: Safety courses, drifting courses, off-road courses, all run on a former military airport
Where:Maisach, Germany
Why it's cool:BMW provides the M4 Coupé you need for the entire course-we recommend the BMW M Drift Experience. Or you can consult with BMW instructors to plan your own customized course training experience. How much: US$130-US$1,200 per class, plus more for private, extended sessions.


Land Rover Experience Driving School
What: Full- and multiday off-road, water, mud, and rock driving with specific instruction on recovery and winching
Where: Various places including California, Vermont, and Quebec
When: Year-round Why it's cool:Each program is aligned with a beautiful luxury hotel, including the Quail Lodge in Carmel, Calif., and the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, N.C.
How much: US$1,200 per vehicle for full-day, and US$2,400 per vehicle for multiday adventures. Lodging costs extra.


Lamborghini Track Accademia
What: Lambo-certified instruction in a Gallardo Super Trofeo on a real racetrack
Where:Las Vegas and Austin
Why it's cool:One morning you’ll get to drive the one-off GT race-ready Huracán LP620 Super Trofeo. Completion allows qualification for the application to the IMSA-FIA racing license, requisite to compete in professional races.
How much: US$19,995, including three days’ instruction and two nights’ lodging in Vegas.


Ferrari Pilota Sport Course
What: Sports driving instruction for Ferrari customers
Where: Ferrari's own Fiorano Circuit near Modena, Italy
When: Year-round
Why it's cool: You get the full Italian heritage experience in the same region that has fostered star drivers for decades, plus one-on-one attention to refine your skills.
How much: US$10,500, plus US$2,050 per additional guest, which includes two days at the track, all meals, accommodations in Modena, and personalised gifts.

Lotus Driving Academy
What: Three days of classroom teaching and one-on-one personal coaching behind the wheel at the Hethel Test Track to learn vehicle dynamics, driving technique, and ideal racing lines
Where: Norfolk, England
When: Year-round
Why it's cool: You’ll get multiple 20-minute track sessions to master heel-and-toe technique and the extended cone slalom in all three Lotus icons: the Elise S, Evora S, and Exige S.
How much: US$2,289, which includes training, meals, and Lotus gifts. Lodging costs extra.

Porsche Driving Experience Winter
What:Practical training on ice and snowfields to maximise precision and performance in inclement weather
Where: Levi, Finland
When: Winter
Why it's cool:You’ll be driving 911s on ice blocks in the Arctic Circle while staying at the four-star Hotel Levi Panorama.
How much: About US$7,700 per single driver depending on the class, which typically runs for four days. Add US$2,100 for one accompanying person. Lodging included. - Bloomberg