This nice 'Yellow Teapot' is Renault's way of celebrating 40 years in F1

By RELAXNEWS | 11 July 2017

PARIS: The French car maker is celebrating 40 years in the world of Formula 1 with a "Yellow Teapot" in the team's signature yellow, black and white colours.

It was in 1977 that the French car maker entered the world of Formula 1, with a car called the RS01. This model had a turbo compressed engine, a first for Formula 1.

But, as with many trailblazing innovations, the RS01 encountered certain technical difficulties, and the yellow, black and white car would regularly pull into the pit lane streaming white smoke, a sign of engine trouble.


On seeing the smoking car go by, team boss Ken Tyrell dubbed it the "Yellow Teapot," a moniker that stuck, becoming the nickname of the RS01. The car won its first Formula 1 victory two years later at the French Grand Prix in Dijon.

Renault is now paying tribute to this car and its difficult beginnings with a new "Yellow Teapot," designed to celebrate the team's 40th anniversary in Formula 1 racing.

The teapot will equip the kitchens of the "L'Atelier Renault" restaurant on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, France, from September. Forty limited-edition copies will also be available to buy priced €129 (RM632) from the "L'Atelier Renault" store and e-shop.