Toyota Vios Challenge (Season 3) race 2 – Day 2

By JAY WONG | 10 November 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: The final day of the Toyota Vios Challenge one-make race series had over 10,000 spectators on the edge of their seats as heated racing action unfolded, close to the heart of Kuala Lumpur, from start to finish in all three classes of racing.

The two-day race weekend was organised at an airport, formerly known as the Royal Malaysian Air Force base in Sungai Besi, where a 1.96km circuit was constructed for the sole purpose of close saloon car racing action took place for the first time.

Toyota Vios Challenge (S3R2) - 01

The best action of the day came in the form of a three-way battle for the win in the amateur Sporting Class which saw SMS Motorsports’ Haji Sutan Mustaffa Salihin (Car 12) clinching victory ahead of 17-year-old Bradley Benedict Anthony of team Dream Chaser (Car 55) and Dannies Ng (Car 93) in third place.

Although Sutan led the race from pole to finish, he had to continuously defend against Anthony's constant pressure throughout the 20-lap race.

Distracted by the leader, Bradley lost track position to Dannies momentarily before regaining it two laps later when the latter missed a gear.

Toyota Vios Challenge (S3R2) - 42

The professional Super Sporting Class saw Kegani Racing’s Kenny Lee (Car 38) also lead from pole position to finish - denying 23 Motors’ Tengku Djan Ley (Car 23) of a double race victory, with Laser Motor Racing’s Mark Darwin (Car 63) finishing third.

Kenny made a brilliant start to lead into the first corner with M7 Japan Project Team’s Syafiq Ali (Car 7) in close pursuit.

But it was Tengku Djan who gained the most, managing to slingshot himself all the way to third place from sixth on the grid.

Toyota Vios Challenge (S3R2) - 37

The start of the race, however, was quickly held up due to the deployment of the safety car thanks to a collision at turn three between Toyotsu Racing’s William Ho (Car 39) and Telagamas Toyota’s Freddie Ang (Car 3).

As expected, the celebrity racer's Promotional Class saw much drama as television presenter and comedian Nabil Ahmad (Car 83) managed a win from fourth place when the chequered flag fell with singers Khai Bahar (car 94) and Nabila Razali (Car 92) trailing in second and third place respectively.

The biggest casualty in the race was actor Shukri Yahaya (Car 24) and despite running in third place during the race, had a coming together with beatboxer Shawn Lee (Car 6) who braked too late going into a corner to take both cars out of contention.

Toyota Vios Challenge (S3R2) - 28

Actress Diana Danielle (Car 15) meanwhile, spun her car in the wrong direction of the track after being nudged by actor Syafiq Kyle (Car 88).

For race fans and spectators, the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival featured Toyota’s fleet of vehicles, test drive sessions, a drift performance by professional Japanese drivers, a concert, a bey blade competition and racing simulator challenge, and the sale of merchandise. Visitors to the festival were also able to get up close and personal with the newly-launched Toyota GR Supra.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival (S3 R2) - 01 Wing Hin Motorsports
Toyota Vios Challenge (S3R2) - 47
Toyo Drift show at Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival (S03 R2) - 02


1. Nabil Ahmad
2. Khai Bahar
3. Nabila Razali
4. Wany Hasrita
5. Akio Takeyama

1. Haji Sutan Mustaffa Salihin SMS Motorsports
2. Bradley Benedict Anthony Dream Chaser
3. Dannies Ng
4. Adam Khalid Crestmax Motorsports
5. Tom Goh S&D Tama Motorsports

1. Kenny Lee Kegani Racing
2. Tengku Djan Ley 23 Motors
3. Mark Darwin Laser Motor Racing
4. Syafiq Ali M7 Japan Project Team
5. Brendan Paul Anthony Dream Chaser