Uniti One EV can now be ordered online

By CARSIFU | 18 October 2019

STOCKHOLM: Three days after revealing pricing for its all-electric city car, Uniti says it is accepting deposits for the Uniti One from customers in Sweden and Britain.

Additional markets will be opened in the coming weeks across northern Europe. First deliveries are planned for mid-2020.

Tens of thousands of customers have configured the Swedish-designed three-seater EV, and more than a thousand have been added to the waiting list.

Uniti One Interior_01

The company has now introduced online ordering to its website, allowing customers to configure their Uniti One and place a deposit via www.uniti.earth. Uniti is based in Lund, some 600km south-west of here.

With prices starting from £15,100 (RM82,000), after British subsidy, demand for the Uniti One has scaled up, confirming a substantial, global appetite for Uniti’s climate-neutral, digital-first urban EV.

Commenting on the car’s reception, Uniti CEO, Lewis Horne said, “We’re thrilled at the hugely positive response to our unique electric city car. As those who have been following our story will know, we’ve been quiet over the past few months, busy preparing for this moment, and are really excited to see the Uniti One on sale today.”

Uniti One Interior_02

Speaking in an exclusive video, Horne sums up the vision behind the Uniti One and introduces special benefits open to Uniti’s first customers as the car goes on sale.

Those placing a fully-refundable 50% deposit before Nov 30 would be enrolled into Uniti’s Founders Club. Recognising their status as the company’s first patrons, Uniti Founders Club members will receive all future software applications, some updates and enhancements free of charge for life, and benefit from access to exclusive events, offers and services. Uniti said some performance enhancements, additional features or functionality may, however, incur a fee.

Designed in Sweden and engineered in Britain, Uniti One is offered with a choice of two battery sizes. It has a range of up to 300km, which can be charged from 20% to 80% in 17 minutes with a 50 kW CCS charger.

Adopting a clean and minimalist approach to styling, the Uniti One’s graceful lines and uncluttered functionality is in keeping with the best of Scandinavian design, creating a distinctive, beautifully-detailed and highly desirable product.

The Uniti One comes well-equipped as standard and can be further enhanced and personalised through a suite of carefully-selected options.

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