VIMS new player in used car certification

By CARSIFU | 13 July 2017

AucNation Synergy corporate strategic planning manager Nik Irfan Nik Ibrahim (right) explaining about the new service being offered.

CYBERJAYA: There's a new used car inspection service in town that complements Puspakom's role.

Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS), from AucNation Synergy Sdn Bhd,  is designed to provide certification on the quality of used and reconditioned cars through full visual and diagnostic analyses.

It is based on Japan's Automobile Inspection System (AIS) and is supported by the Malaysia Automotive Institute government agency. In Japan, the AIS is used by major car makers such as Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan and Mazda.

Nik Izani.
Nik Izani.

VIMS is a web-based inspection which comprises Visual Analysis using a pen-based computer and Diagnostic Analysis using the On-Board Diagnostic 2 (OBD 2) device. Visual Analysis covers checks on the vehicle's main frame, exterior, interior and the basic mechanical components while Diagnostic Analysis focuses on the health of the vehicle's subsystems including engine and transmission.

Data from the analyses are then stored on a web server and are retrieved when needed. Customers will also receive a VIMS Certificate of Inspection with a 90-day validity within 48 hours to help them make informed decisions on their transactions. The inspection process takes 30-40 minutes to complete.

Using official manufacturer codes supported in the English language, the OBD 2 device is a product derived from the collaboration between VIMS and AIS as well as Denso. The technology transfer is said to be used for the first time in Malaysia.

VIMS complies with the goals of the End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) initiative under the National Automotive Policy 2014, where about 300 inspection centres are required nationwide and owners are encouraged to send their vehicles for roadworthiness checks.

AucNation Synergy chairman Datuk Nik Izani Nik Ibrahim said the company is working with the Malaysia Automotive Institute to create a larger pool of skilled inspectors to manage the industry’s inspection needs and expand the use of technology in the used car industry. The institute will provide its premises for training would-be inspectors.

Another such service available to Malaysian motorists is the Goo Kantei service from Car Credo, which was launched in 2015.