Volkswagen's new Tiguan SUV parks itself without a driver

By DPA | 23 November 2020

BERLIN: Parking the car is most people's least favourite aspect of driving, which is why Volkswagen has updated the Park Assist function on its facelifted Tiguan crossover SUV to let the car park itself without anyone sitting inside.

Like a number of other premium cars, the Tiguan has had a self-parking function for some years, but this is the first time it's being offered with a fully-automatic parking mode.

Using a smartphone as a remote handset, the driver stops the car in a typical multi-storey, gets out and unloads the luggage.


That is when the SUV take over, driving independently into or out of the parking space either in forward or reverse direction. The system relies on a suite of 12 sensors, four cameras and VW's Remote Park Assist Plus app.

The system is particularly good at extricating the Tiguan from tight parking spaces. There is no need for the driver to squeeze into the car since all they have to do is stand close to the car, start the engine using the app and press the "drive" function continuously.

The owner then selects a manoeuvre such as "forward left" or "forward right" on the smartphone display. This starts the steering wheel whirling as if by magic and the system does the rest.

Using the app does call for a leap of faith, but VW said that once drivers have got used to the system it is a boon in crowded car parks.