WATCH: Tesla Glass explained

By CARSIFU | 10 October 2021

LOS ANGELES: Tesla posted a video clip last month outlining the technology behind its proprietary Tesla Glass.

Tesla Glass debuted in 2016, and since then, the electric car maker has improved on it, using different materials with the glass to suit different uses.

The special glass is used not only on its cars but is also applied as solar roof tiles in buildings.

In this 2-minute plus video, Tesla Glass director Mike Pilliod, formerly an Apple materials engineer, explains how its glass for the windows has an acoustic layer to dampen out outside noise.

Tesla cars also have glass roofs starting from the Model S, through to the Model X and Model 3 to give the cabin an airy and spacious feel. Its implementation in the Model Y is the best yet, with a seamless curved glass that stretches across the whole cabin.

The massive glass roof in the Model Y meets standards to shield occupants from harmful UV rays. At the same time, the glass roof and windows also have to comply with safety standards if an accident happens.

An important function of the Tesla Glass as used in the front windshield is that it has been designed to act as a lens for its front-facing Autopilot camera.

Oh, one other cool detail. Taking advantage of the expansive glass roof, Tesla cars have a Camp Mode, where occupants can sleep overnight in their cars and look up into a starry night with cabin temperature automatically set. Users can also adjust the temperature to their requirements.