Ducati DesertX: One for the off-road

By A. NACHI | 23 February 2024

THE Ducati DesertX design is obvious to position the bike as a rugged ride, its tall stance and Dakar-inspired lines further enhances the character of the bike.

The latest livery on DesertX is Audi inspired and is definitely a feast to the eyes with its black, grey and red palette showcasing the RS Q e-tron's spirit of technological prowess.

The red accents on the seat and fuel tank inject a dose of vibrancy, making it stand out.


The 937cc Testastretta engine offers 110hp eager to propel me forward.

On highways, it cruises effortlessly while chewing the kilometres effortlessly.

The comfortable upright riding position assures no body fatigue, even on longer stretches or backroads.


While riding up Cameron Highland on the narrow roads, the suspension, with its generous travel and adjustability, absorbs bumps beautifully, keeping me planted even on rough surfaces.

The engine responds well to my demands, urging me to carve through corners with confidence.

The lightweight chassis offers agility, hence making tight bends an easy task.

Hilly roads are where the DesertX truly shines.

The engine delivers the perfect amount of power, allowing me to tackle steep inclines on Cameron Highlands with ease.

The Brembo brakes offer assuring stopping power, instilling confidence when navigating downhill sections.

The various riding modes, particularly Enduro and Rally, adjusting traction control and power delivery for optimal performance on loose terrain.

I was lucky to have experienced rain during the ride and the DesertX handled it well.

The wet mode adjusts ABS and engine response for better traction.


It handles wet tarmac and light off-road conditions with surprising composure.

The fully-adjustable suspension is applaudable.

At the front, the 46mm forks soak up the bumps, while the rear shock keeps the rear end planted.


Whether I am cruising on the highway or tackling backroads, I can finetune the suspension to match my riding style and the terrain.

The DesertX shines by offering both comfort and control without sacrificing one over the other.

Meanwhile, the Brembo M50 monobloc callipers at the front offer incredible stopping power, giving me the confidence to push the limits safely.


The rear brake is equally responsive, allowing for smooth and controlled deceleration.

Even in wet conditions, the brakes give me all the confidence I need, keeping me in control no matter what the situation is.

Urban mode offers muted power for city commutes, while Enduro unleashes the beast for off-road adventures.

Rally mode pushes the limits for experienced riders, while Wet mode ensures safe riding in slippery conditions.

I am able to customise the different riding modes to meet my needs.


This versatility caters to a wide range of riders and riding styles, making the DesertX a truly adaptable machine.

The Ducati DesertX Audi inspired livery is beyond its eye catchy design.

It's a capable and versatile adventure machine that will satisfy any adventurer be it offroad or open highway.

So, if you are looking for a motorcycle that can conquer any terrain and turn heads at the same time, the RM127,900 DesertX Audi-inspired livery might just be your perfect two-wheeled companion.

Ducati DesertX
Engine: 937cc, V-twin, DOHC, water-cooled
Maximum power: 110hp at 9,250rpm
Maximum torque: 92Nm at 6,400rpm
Transmission: Six-speed
Suspension: Front 46mm USD Kayaba forks; rear Kayaba monoshock
Brakes: Front two Brembo M50 callipers, two 320mm discs; rear Brembo 2-pot calliper, 265mm disc
Features: Wheelie control, engine brake control, cornering ABS, cornering traction control, six riding modes
Fuel capacity: 21 litres
Wet weight: 226kg
Price: RM127,900 (without registration, road tax and insurance)




CarSifu's Rating: 7.8