Modenas Versys 650: Well-rounded performer

THE Kawasaki Versys 650 was introduced in 2007 as a middle-weight motorcycle incorporating design features from regular bikes, dual-sports, adventure tourers and sports models.

Engineered to embody versatility as an all-encompassing performer, it swiftly ascended to become a flagship model in Kawasaki's line-up.

Over time, the motorcycle has undergone multiple iterations, receiving noteworthy updates to both its engine and design.


The Versys 650 is now available under the Modenas badge and boasts a striking and dynamic design that seamlessly marries visual appeal with functionality.

The commanding front end features a generously sized, adjustable windscreen, delivering superb wind protection during high-speed rides.

Additionally, the motorcycle offers a comfortable upright riding posture, with an adjustable seat catering to riders of varying heights.


The latest Versys 650 got a cutting-edge 649cc parallel-twin engine that generated an impressive 67hp and 61Nm of torque.

Renowned for its seamless and responsive performance, the engine delivers ample power for navigating city streets and cruising effortlessly on the highway.

The Versys 650 comes standard with an array of safety features, which includes ABS brakes, traction control, and a slipper clutch.

The ABS brakes deliver exceptional stopping power across diverse conditions, ensuring effective braking.

The traction control system plays a crucial role in averting rear wheel spin, enhancing traction and stability, especially on wet or slippery surfaces.

Additionally, the slipper clutch serves as a preventative measure, inhibiting rear wheel lockup during downshifts and contributing to crash prevention.


While riding on a 20km of uneven tarmac on the backroad of Kerling, Selangor, the Versys 650 ensured a smooth and comfortable ride with its long travel suspension.

The front suspension offers adjustability for preload and rebound damping, while the rear suspension is adjustable for preload.

This flexibility allowed me to set the suspension according to my preferences and the specific conditions of my journey.


The Versys is fitted with dual disc brakes in the front and a single disc brake in the rear, offering efficient braking capabilities, ensuring excellent stopping power across various road conditions and especially in the rain.

The ABS system further enhances safety, proving particularly effective in slippery conditions by preventing wheel lockup and maintaining optimal control.

I must admit that this machine stands out as an exceptionally versatile motorcycle, adept at navigating various conditions.


Whether cruising comfortably on the highway, tackling off-road terrain, or maneuvering through bustling city traffic, this bike proves itself as a reliable and adaptable companion for diverse riding experiences.

The Versys 650 is suitable even for beginners and has a low seat height at 78cm and making a comfortable upright riding position.

Along with a well-balanced chassis, it offers an easy and stable riding experience.


The engine minimises the likelihood of stalling at low rpms, contributing to a smoother learning curve.

Additionally, the Versys 650 incorporates electronic rider aids like traction control and ABS brakes, increasing both the ease of riding and safety.

Opting for the Versys 650 proves advantageous when navigating the winding roads of Fraser’s Hill.

The motorcycle's extended suspension system contributes to stability. Entering and exiting corners are walk in the park with the responsive throttle working well with the engine.

Additionally, the engine's ample power ensures a confident and swift traversal through corners, enhancing the overall riding experience on winding routes.

The Versys 650 stands out as an exceptionally comfortable touring motorcycle.

Its upright riding position is specifically designed to mitigate fatigue and prioritising rider comfort which I found out during my long ride to Kota Baru, Kelantan.

In bustling city traffic, the Versys 650 demonstrates remarkable maneuverability.

Its narrow profile allows for seamless navigation through congested streets, while the upright riding position provides riders with excellent visibility, enhancing the awareness of their surroundings.

The engine's abundant low-end torque further contributes to the bike's ease of handling in traffic conditions, facilitating smooth acceleration and deceleration maneuvers.

This combination of quiet operation and urban agility makes the Versys 650 a highly accommodating choice for riders navigating both open roads and city streets.

The Versys 650 emerges as a reliable choice for riders navigating present rainy conditions.

The inclusion of ABS and traction control systems enhances stability and control on slippery surfaces, ensuring a secure ride for me even in the heaviest rain.

In essence, the 2023 Versys 650 emerges as a all-around motorcycle.

Its comfort, versatility, and safety features make it a good choice for riders seeking a well-rounded biking experience.

The value it offers for the investment further solidifies its appeal.

If you are in search of a RM38,400 motorcycle that excels in various aspects, the Versys 650 stands out as a good well-rounded option.

Modenas Versys 650
Engine: 649cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, parallel-twin
Maximum power: 63hp at 8,700rpm
Maximum torque: 61Nm at 7,300rpm
Transmission: Six-speed
Suspension: Front 41mm USD forks, rebound and pre-load adjustable; rear mono shock, preload adjustable
Braking system: Front 2x300mm discs with two-piston calipers, ABS; rear single 220mm disc with single piston caliper, ABS
Features: ABS brakes, traction control and slipper clutch
Fuel capacity: 21 litres
Weight: 219kg
Price: From RM38,400 (without insurance, road tax and registration)

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Autos Modenas
CarSifu's Rating: 6.6