Royal Alloy TG250S ABS: A stylish retro

By A. NACHI | 11 May 2021

THE scooter has been a popular two-wheeler around the world since the mid-40s.

A brand new name in the scooter world from United Kingdom, Royal Alloy  is slowly making its presence felt.

As Royal Alloy scooters are inspired by the Lambretta, thus many will mistake them for the Italian original.

In Malaysia, Royal Alloy scooters are distributed exclusively by Chear Global Sdn Bhd.



My review unit is the Royal Alloy TG250S ABS that comes in Burgundy Red-Ivory.

It is also sold in Pewter Grey-Ivory.

Going through the scooter carefully, I must admit that the designers and engineers had spent a lot of effort on this machine offering nothing but the best.

Every single component of this scooter is of high quality.



Nothing on the TG250S ABS looks or is cheap except for the plastic handle cover.

The retro design of this RM20,945 scooter can’t get any more nostalgic.

The scooter also comes with a full-colour 8cm X 7.5cm TFT instrument panel which is easy to read during the sunniest day and even at night.

The display adapts to the surrounding light making the screen legible in any lighting condition.

The instrument panel offers basic useful information like time, date, temperature, speed, fuel, and distance.


All Royal Alloy scooters, including this model, are made from steel except for the front mudguard which is made from solid fiberglass.

There are few chromed details on this scooter that made the TG250S ABS a premium product.

The chrome bits surrounding the front light, instrument panel, signal lights, and the logo on the rear, front and rear carrier plus passenger foot pegs further enhanced the look of the scooter.

And not to forget the retro colours (Burgundy Red-Ivory) are well coordinated on this scooter making it a feast to any eyes and staying true to the classic look.

This machine weighs 152kg, thus making the scooter very manageable and easy to push around without any hassle.

On few occasions, I could tiptoe myself with the scooter to the next lane on the road while waiting for the light to turn green.

The 244cc engine allows the TG250S ABS to scoot off from one traffic light to another effortlessly.

Every time I twist the throttle, power is instantaneous.


This sort of power delivery is necessary when the scooter is your daily ride especially when you are battling with the city traffic.

At low RPMs, this bike is still fine and dandy.

I am able to zig-zag out of the traffic without breaking a sweat.

The agility of the scooter on the road is commendable due to its lightweight and the low gravity point.

Besides being city-friendly, a long-distance ride on the TG250S ABS is nothing but enjoyable.

The 10.5-litre tank can give a riding range of about 280km.


I took the scooter to Sekinchan through the backroads of Kuala Selangor.

While doing 80kph on a backroad, I had to apply emergency braking when a monitor lizard decided to dash across in front of me.

To my surprise, the Bosch ABS brakes stooped me safely.

I was impressed as the brakes did what they supposed to do well.

Meanwhile, on rough roads, the suspension was decent in soaking up the bumps and bounces.

There were no aches from my tailbone or my back.


I am very sure, if I made an effort to tweak the rear and front suspension, the ride would have been much better.

The scooter, with a top speed of 126kph, was very much at home on the highways.

At high speeds, the ride was stable with a planted feel.

I did feel a tinge of vibration occasionally from the bottom of the body but that did not bother me at all when the road handling and the comfy seat dominated.

The saddle on this scooter is long and wide, thus giving ample room for the rider and passenger.

The firmness of the saddle was perfect for me and I am quite sure I will enjoy a long-distance ride on this beauty.

Initially, I found it difficult to take corners when I was into my first turn on a stretch of a windy road.

The problem was not with the scooter, but it was my inexperience in handling a scooter in corners.

In less than 10 minutes, taking corners with this scooter was a walk in the park.

The scooter was able to hold its line well. You just got to get the hang of it.

Be it in the city, backroads, or the highways, the power delivery on this scooter is predictable yet satisfying.

Every time I twist the throttle, the engine obediently channels the horsepower to my needs.


My only gripe with this scooter is the storage compartment.

There is no built-in storage compartment on this scooter except the glove compartment that comes with a USB port.

The glove compartment is big enough to hold my mobile phone, wallet, and gloves.

I am puzzled why the folks at Royal Alloy did not pay attention to this important feature.

However, there are two luggage racks on the rear and front that needs to be fastened with a strap if you decide to carry anything on it.

There is a hook to hang a small grocery bag.

I was told by the folks at Royal Alloy that they are working with a manufacturer to offer a topbox very soon.

While riding in Kuala Lumpur and Sekinchan, two motorcyclists and a car driver gave me the thumbs up, approving of this scooter.

I felt good but sadly the scooter does not belong to me. Maybe I will buy one soon.

If you want to book a test ride, call 03-55246383 or +6 019 565 9819.

For more information on Royal Alloy scooters, visit
Royal Alloy TG250S ABS
Engine: 244cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid cooled
Maximum power: 21.3hp at 8,000rpm
Maximum torque: 16.4Nm at 7,500rpm
Suspension: Front double preload adjustable with anti-dive, rear twin adjustable hydraulic coil
Brakes: Front Bosch anti-lock braking system (ABS), 220mm disc
Fuel capacity: 10.5 litres
Range: 280km (approx)
Weight: 152kg
Price: RM20,945 (on-the-road without insurance)





CarSifu's Rating: 7.2