Royal Enfield Hunter 350: A value retro proposition

THE Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is a retro-styled motorcycle that is inspired by the classic Royal Enfield two-wheelers of the 1960s and 1970s.

It has a simple, no-nonsense design with a round headlight, teardrop-shaped fuel tank, chromed fenders, and a single-piece seat.

Meanwhile, the 17-inch alloy wheels further add character to the bike.

The bike is available in six different colour schemes, including Rebel Blue, Rebel Red, Rebel Black, Dapper Ash, Dapper White and Dapper Grey.

The Hunter 350 instrument panel combines elements of both analogue and digital technology.


The easy-to-read instrument panel is great.

The numbers and alphabets are big enough to read while you are riding as opposed to squinting my eyes trying to figure out the information on the screen.

The Hunter 350 is also fitted with USB charging, which is extremely useful.

I wished the bike came with a windshield that will be useful for long trips.


But it's available in Royal Enfield's long list of accessories.

The Hunter 350 has a shorter wheelbase and a steeper rake than the Classic or Meteor, which gives it sharper handling.

The bike is also light, weighing 181kg (wet weight) which makes it nimble.


The engine is the same 349cc single-cylinder unit that is found in the other J-series motorcycles.

It produces 20.2hp and 27Nm of torque, which is enough power for relaxed riding around town or on the highway.

The engine is smooth and refined, and it is well-matched to the chassis.


The Hunter 350 is comfortable on the highway and has enough power to reach speeds of up to 128kph.

This machine is at its best on the highway but be mindful that this is only a 350cc bike and if you are riding with your mates who are on bikes with 500cc and above, they have to wait for you.

However, the Hunter 350 is very agile and easy to handle in the city.


The short wheelbase and steep rake make it easy to turn, and the upright riding position makes it comfortable for stop-and-go traffic.

It also has a good amount of power for city riding, so it can easily get up to speed and overtake other vehicles.

Meanwhile, the conventional 41mm fork in the front, which lacks adjustability, and the twin shocks in the rear, offer adjustable preload.


Overall, the suspension abilities are somewhat limited.

Nevertheless, Hunter 350’s suspension capabilities answered the brief which is urban riding.

However, if one decides to ride the bike on a route full of corners and twisties, the limitations of the suspension system would become immediately apparent.

close up, overall and actions shots of Royal Enfield 350 Hunter. —LOW BOON TAT/THE STAR

The Hunter 350 is also a lot of fun to ride on twisty roads where the short wheelbase and the engine power combination are enough to allow a quick exit from corners.

High-speed stability is also good and riders can feel confident taking corners at a fast pace.

However, the stiff suspension is not best suited for aggressive rides in the twisties unless it is a leisurely ride.


I am happy with the suspension performance when I was taking it easy on the roads of Fraser's Hill.

Decent stopping power comes from the front two-piston ByBre calliper squeezes a 300mm disc and a rear single-piston calliper with a 270mm disc and is supplemented by a reliable dual channel ABS.

The seat is well-padded, and the riding position is upright and relaxed, contributing to comfort for both short and long rides.


The suspension is also well-tuned for city rides which soaked up bumps and potholes without hurting my tailbone.

Overall, the RM22,200 Hunter 350 is a great motorcycle for people who are looking for a stylish, affordable, and fun-to-ride bike.

It is perfect for commuting, weekend-long rides or just cruising around town.

It offers a lot of value for the price.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350
Engine: 349cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke
Maximum power: 22.2hp at 6,100rpm
Maxiumum torque: 27Nm at 4,000rpm
Transmission: Five-speed
Suspension: Front telescopic, 41mm forks, 130mm travel; rear pre-load adjustable twin shocks, 102mm travel
Brakes: Front 300mm disc with twin piston-floating calliper, dual channel ABS; rear 270mm disc, single-piston floating calliper, dual channel ABS
Fuel capacity: 13 litres
Wet weight: 181kg
Price: RM22,200.00 (without registration, road tax and insurance)
Autos Royal Enfield
CarSifu's Rating: 6.6