Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650: Timeless design with daily useability

Picture this - a teardrop-shaped gas tank stretches out before you, gleaming in the sunlight under a coat of beautiful paint.

Swept-back handlebars calling you to lean back and cruise in comfort, while the low-slung stance promises a relaxed, confident ride.

This, my friends, is the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650, which I reviewed recently.

My test ride unit was the tourer model that comes with a windshield and a wider, full-length seat with a pillion backrest.


Meanwhile, the base model is fitted with a split seat.

The split seat prevents the rider from slipping back into the pillion rider's space and vice versa.

The Super Meteor 650 instrument panel is a good combination of simplicity with practicality.

Featuring a retro-inspired digi-analog design, the instrument panel features a floating LCD screen that provides essential information such as the trip meter, fuel gauge, gear position indicator and clock.


Additionally, it incorporates a cutting-edge Tripper turn-by-turn navigation system, developed in collaboration with Google.

This system connects to the rider's smartphone via Bluetooth.

The 648cc parallel-twin engine offers a satisfying low rumble, delivering ample torque and horsepower for both highway cruising and mountain climbs.

It's not a beast but the 46hp and 52.3Nm of torque offer smooth acceleration that will satisfy any rider who is looking forward to a relaxing cruise without any surprises.


This is the same powerplant that also powers the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650.

The six-speed gearbox shifts through effortlessly be it when I am upshifting or downshifting, making power accessible and predictable.

The power plant has plenty of torque, which offers good pick up from low revs, as low as 2,000rpm and good throttle response.

Even at a very slow pace, the engine performs well, and it is impossible to stall this machine.


The 648cc parallel-twin is at home on the open road delivering little effort on overtaking any vehicle.

While weighing 241kg, the heaviness disappears once the bike is being ridden.

As I upshift my gear, passing the 3,500rpm at about 120kph on the North-South Expressway, the bike is well planted on the road, predictable which gives me the confidence to push the bike even faster.

Mind you this bike is not a rocket but definitely, it is motivated to behave like one.

At high speeds, wind buffeting is very minimal, thanks to the low-slung stance and wide windshield.

Even after hours on the saddle, fatigue is minimal, courtesy of the comfortable ergonomics and natural reach of the handlebars.

The forward control on this bike suits me well, but after a few hours, I could feel a light strain on the hip.

Truth be told I am not a big fan of bikes with forward control.


However, those who love forward control can be assured there is plenty of space for the leg to move around to avoid fatigue and not to forget you can reach the controls without any challenge.

The Super Meteor 650 is designed for a relaxed, confident highway cruising without any worries of the world.

It also handles well around corners, twists or hairpins thanks to its nimble handling and well-balanced chassis, allows me to conquer corners with precision.

The suspension strikes a perfect balance, offering comfort over rough patches while maintaining stability around the bends.


The engine has enough power to exit out of corners without too much work.

The Showa suspension is well-suited for highland riding, absorbing bumps and dips while maintaining composure during aggressive cornering.

It's a suspension that adapts to the terrain, offering comfort and control in equal measure.

The suspension includes 43mm USD forks with 120mm of travel and twin rear shocks, each with preload adjustment and 101mm of movement.


The Super Meteor 650 isn't just a highway cruiser but also perfect for daily commute.

The low centre of gravity and wide handlebars provide excellent manoeuvrability, making it a breeze to weave through traffic and squeeze into tight parking spots.

The torquey engine offers stress-free low-speed chugging, perfect for stop-and-go situations.

The disc brakes on both wheels, with dual-channel ABS, offer adequate stopping power.


They bite progressively, providing excellent feel and control, even in emergencies.

The ABS kicks in seamlessly offering precise modulation to prevent wheel lock-up.

Priced at RM39,300 (without registration, road tax and insurance), the Super Meteor Tourer 650 is fast making its presence felt among the competitors.

The timeless design and value-for-money proposition make this bike difficult to resist.

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650
Engine: 648cc, air/oil-cooled, 4-stroke parallel twin
Maximum power: 46.39hp at 7,250rpm
Maximum torque: 52.3Nm at 5,650rpm
Transmission: Six-speed
Suspension: Front 43mm inverted Showa Big Piston, 4.7-inch travel; rear twin shocks, preload adjustable, 4.0-inch travel
Brakes: Front two-piston floating calliper, 320mm disc with ABS; rear two-piston floating calliper, 300mm disc with ABS
Fuel capacity: 15.7 litres
Wet weight: 241kg
Price: RM39,300 (without registration, road tax and insurance)
Autos Royal Enfield
CarSifu's Rating: 6.4