Suzuki Raider R150 Fi: A value-for-money proposition that delivers

By A. NACHI | 27 January 2023

The Suzuki Raider R150 Fi is one of the most talked about underbone bikes in Malaysia.

Its slim, long and rugged design made it perfect for daily commutes.

The bike has a fully-digital instrument panel with red lighting.


All the lights are LEDs and the bike's looks are further enhanced by the sporty livery.

The Raider is powered by a 147.3cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled, DOHC four-valve engine featuring with EFI.

Power is rated around 18.2hp at 10,000rpm and peak torque is 13.8Nm at 8,500rpm.


Although the Raider is a value-for-money proposition, nothing on the bike looks cheap.

I tested the bike by commuting to work as well as riding it from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut and back.

The bike is perfect for all riders as the reach to the handle was not a problem.


Weighing 109kg, the Raider is nimble and can easily weave through traffic and making it perfect for city rides.

No wonder they called this two-wheeler the King of Underbone.

On a few occasions, I took the bike onto the five-foot pathways when it was impossible to weave through the cars.


I was able to get the bike from the tarmac onto the five-foot pathways without any problem.

A little twist on the throttle and voila,  I was on my way.

Meanwhile, whenever at the traffic lights, I will be the first to take off ahead others once the light turns green.


The acceleration on this bike is satisfying.

There is also a small compartment for storing gloves and a slim mobile phone.

Honestly, I don’t find the small space useful at all as those items could be kept in my riding jacket or my waist pouch.


One thing for sure, the Raider grabs the attention of every other ‘kap chai’ owner because this is like THE ‘kap chai’ to own.

I was able to shift gears smoothly and effortlessly while in traffic.

The front and rear disc brakes were also efficient as those who brave the traffic every day to work will know the importance of having good brakes.


The headlight is very bright at night and allowed me to see everything clearly including the fine cracks on the roads along the way up to Genting Highlands.

Meanwhile, the taillight is also bright enough that everyone will be able to notice the bike even from a distance away.

My ride to Lumut and return to Kuala Lumpur covered about 450km.


The overall ride experience was OK but its 4-litre fuel tank was meant for short distances, making me do a few refuelling stops.

It was stressful when the fuel gauge shows that the Raider was running on reserve.

I was able to clock this bike above the legal speed limit and did not feel any vibrations from the machine's belly or handlebar.


I also encountered two crosswinds along the North South Expressway on the way back to Kuala Lumpur where I had to anchor my weight to the foot pegs for a more stability.

The Raider's well-tuned suspension also enabled a smooth ride while on the trunk roads from Bidor to Lumut although the experience was not as plush like those from larger adventure bikes.

The Raider comes with front telescopic forks with rear preload-adjustable monoshock.


This RM8,173 underbone bike is a practical and value-for-money choice for daily commutes that can still do outstation runs.

It's also complemented by good power-to-weight ratio that will not disappoint any rider.

Suzuki Raider R150 Fi
Engine: 147cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, DOHC
Maximum power: 18.2hp at 10,000rpm
Maximum torque: 13.8Nm at 8,500rpm
Transmission: Six-speed
Suspension: Front telescopic fork; rear preload-adjustable monoshock
Brakes: Front and rear hydraulic with petal discs
Fuel capacity: 4 litres
Wet weight: 109kg
Price: RM8,173 (without registration, road tax and insurance)




CarSifu's Rating: 7.4