Triumph Bonneville Scrambler 1200 XC: A comfortable actioner

By A. NACHI | 21 August 2020

The design of the Triumph Bonneville Scrambler 1200 XC can be summed in one word - practical.

Every part of the motorcycle is there for a reason.

The retro design of the bike is done tastefully with long flat saddle, crafted aluminium mudguards, swingarms and bash plate.

Meanwhile the sculpted side panels with brushed aluminium badge is complemented with stainless steel tank strap and brushed aluminium Monza filler cap.


The big round headlight, round side mirrors and the pipes are designed with the intention to give the old school look.

This time, my day ride on the Scrambler 1200 XC took me from Kuala Lumpur - Bentong - Raub - Ulu Dong - Jerantut - Kuala Lumpur. My trip took me five hours and more than 500km.

During the ride, the saddle was comfortable and had enough space for me to move around.

The firmness of the saddle was spot on. The ergonomics was spot on too. The wide handlebar and perfectly placed foot pegs and brake lever offer any rider a pleasant and comfortable riding position, be it on the highway, city centre or off-road.


This bike weighs 216kg. After an hour of riding this machine, I could not believe what I felt.

The bike's weight is well distributed while on the move and steering the bike around with arm muscle was very manageable unlike other 1,200cc bikes which I usually struggled.

While riding on the highway, I was able to do way above the speed limit easily but the windblast was just too much for me.

A good windshield will do the trick to ward off the rushing air and turn the Scrambler 1200 XC into an adventure bike.

The nimbleness of the bike plus the user-friendly electronics makes this bike less daunting for any novice trying out 1,200cc motorcycle.


The bike is very well planted on the road plus the chassis is sturdy enough to handle two crosswinds that caught me off guard.

The abundance of power and torque on this bike will definitely put a smile on any rider.

When I took the bike, the first thing few of my riding mates asked me was - Don’t you feel the heat from the pipes which are near your right leg?

After riding more than 500km, my answer was no if you are wearing proper riding gear.

However, while riding in the city centre with a pair of jeans and braving through the traffic, my leg did not feel any heat at all from the pipes. But when I stopped at the traffic lights, my leg got a bit warm.


The Scrambler 1200 XC comes with five riding modes which are - Rain, Road, Sport, Off-Road and a customisable Rider option.

Road mode was a bliss while riding on the trunk roads of Jerantut as well as on the Karak Highway.

Meanwhile, Sport is definitely fun on the highway if you are planning to do more than 100kph.

I could feel the rush every time I twisted the throttle for more power. It is so irresistible. I was lucky that during my ride to Jerantut, I encountered light and heavy rain along the way; thus, allowing me to turn on the rain mode.

I felt very safe and was in control despite travelling on muddy and slippery roads.

And of course, the off-road mode is where this machine is at home, be it wet or dry.


I also rode this bike on some easy off-road terrain. After 45 minutes of off-road riding, I decided not to turn off the road traction control.

The traction control did not bother me at all unlike few other bikes I had tried before where it felt unnatural and intrusive.

My limited experience on off-road riding did not pose any problem while riding on mud and loose gravels.

I only needed to throttle up gently and exit out from there - a piece of cake.

A must mention here is that the suspension system did extremely well.

It was easy to shift from standing to sitting on the bike while tackling the off-road terrain.


The Brembo brakes were at their best keeping me safe and sound throughout my off-road adventure.

The Scrambler 1200 XC managed to conquer the twisties and corners like a professional. I did not have to do much. I was flicking the bike happily like how I would do with my ‘kap chai’.

What was even amazing was that the rev response was spot on at every entry and exit points of a corner. I could zoom in and out as smooth as silk.

While on few bad stretches near Jerantut, the suspension cushioned all the beatings.

The fully adjustable 43mm Showa fork and twin Ohlins shock ensured that I had a comfortable riding experience.

The front and rear end had 7.8 inches of travel which is definitely good enough for any off-road adventure.

The bike also comes with My Triumph connectivity module which is world’s first integrated GoPro camera control system.

This feature allows one to take videos and photographs while riding and the control for this is on the left handlebar where the switches are.

There is also a turn-by-turn navigation system integrated with Google.


There is no reason now for you to get lost in the wilderness.

The Bluetooth connectivity also enables telephone and music features to be accessed and managed by rider via the TFT screen.

Priced at RM76,046 without SST, the Scrambler 1200 XC offers great performance on tarmac and off-road, timeless styling and attitude.

This new modern retro is a bike that’s every inch a true scrambler.



Triumph Bonneville Scrambler 1200 XC
Engine: 1,200cc, SOHC, four valves per cylinder, 270-degree crank angle parallel twin, liquid-cooled,
Maximum power: 89hp at 7,400 rpm
Maximum torque: 110NM at 3,950rpm
Transmission: Six speed
Front suspension: Fully adjustable 45mm Showa USD cartridge fork with 7.8 inches travel
Rear suspension: Öhlins adjustable rear suspension at 7.8 inches travel
Front brakes: Twin 320mm discs, Brembo M50 monoblock callipers, radial master cylinder
Rear brakes: Single 255mm disc, Brembo two-piston floating callipers
Features: Full colour TFT screen, Rider Modes (Rain/Road/Sport/Off-road/Off-road Pro/Rider-Customisable), ABS, traction control, cruise control, My Triumph app via Bluetooth connectivity (features GoPro, live navigation with Google, enables music & phone) keyless ignition and USB charging socket
Fuel capacity: 16 litres
Wet weight: 216 kg
Price: RM76,046 (before SST)




CarSifu's Rating: 8.2