Triumph Tiger Sport 660: Versatile and exhilarating

THE Triumph Tiger Sport 660 boasts a modern and aggressive design that seamlessly blends sportiness with adventure elements.

Its sharp lines and sleek contours, especially the sculptured fuel tank create a visually striking appearance, signalling its performance-oriented nature.

The powerplant of this bike is the same as the Triumph Trident 660's.

The front end of the Tiger Sport 660 features a distinctive LED headlight unit that not only provides excellent illumination but also adds a futuristic touch to the bike's face.


The dual headlights give it a unique character, and the sharp, angular design complements the overall sporty vibe.

This 660cc machine has kept the rider's aid simple; it comes with two ride modes and switchable traction control.

I was able to switch on the fly between Road and Rain modes with ease.


And like many other adventure bikes, riders have the option to turn off traction control when venturing onto less challenging off-roading.

Please be mindful that this is not a full-blooded off-road machine.

Meanwhile, Tiger Sport 660's dual-screen TFT instrument panel provides an array of information, and its customisable layout allows you to tailor it to your preferences.

I had access to data such as speed, engine rev, gear position, coolant temperature to fuel consumption data.


I found it easy to navigate the menu, but many reviews stated otherwise.

The Tiger Sport 660 comes with an inline-3 engine that offers a satisfying 80hp at 10,250rpm.

I did a 600km day ride and the bike can deliver consistent power across any rev range.

Riding it is an absolute delight, thanks to the engine's ability to accelerate and decelerate responsively without any lag.


I detected a subtle vibration at the right foot peg while clocking at much higher speeds.

Meanwhile, the 660cc machine excels in cornering, offering a fine balance of agility and stability.

Its lightweight frame and adjustable suspension provide precise handling on various surfaces.

Equipped with sport-touring tires, it delivers a good grip while leaning into corners.


The well-balanced weight distribution and smooth mid-corner stability boosted my confidence in managing the bike.

The engine's power delivery allowed me to control acceleration smoothly during corner exits.

It provided excellent feedback to me, and the braking system is good in ensuring my safety.


The front brake 310mm discs and two-piston Nissin calipers, deliver strong, progressive stopping.

I only needed a light squeeze on the hand brake lever.

Initially, the first few seconds of brake engagement felt soft, progressively transforming into a smooth and strong stop.

The front brake bite is potent but I can’t say the same for the rear brake whose bite was weaker.


The ABS system steps in seamlessly and complements the overall braking performance.

During my over 600km ride, I did not feel tired thanks to the well-thought-out ergonomics and ideal saddle.

The handlebars and the leg pegs were perfectly positioned, allowing a pleasant ride complemented by the upright sitting position.

The wide and firm saddle offered enough room for me to move around when I was tired of sitting in the same position.


I had a pillion with me for a 100km ride who said the wide and firm saddle allowed a comfortable ride.

He appreciated the easily accessible pillion grab handle, which helped him avoid knocking the back of my helmet every time I braked.

This bike is perfect for daily commuting and handles urban streets by effortlessly manoeuvring through traffic thanks to its slim design, and agile and responsive nature.

The mid-size engine displacement strikes an ideal balance between power and fuel efficiency, with ample low-end torque for quick acceleration in stop-and-go traffic.


The Tiger Sport 660 also boasts a suspension setup that's finely tuned for a smooth and controlled ride.

The capable front set-up of an upside-down fork soaks up road imperfections effectively, offering a plush and confidence-inspiring feel.

This fork provides stability during high-speed riding and remains compliant when navigating rough city streets.

At the rear, a mono-shock suspension setup complements the front fork, ensuring a balanced and comfortable ride.


It's adjustable, allowing riders to fine-tune the suspension to their preference or load, enhancing versatility.

Whether I am cruising on the highway, tackling twisty backroads, or manoeuvring through Kuala Lumpur’s traffic jam, the suspension keeps the ride comfortable and composed.

The Tiger Sport 660 is available in three colours whereas the Lucerne Blue and Sapphire Black paint job are priced at RM50,900.

The Korosi Red is priced at RM51,400.


Triumph Motorcycle Malaysia is offering free Triumph panniers worth RM4,940, with every purchase of the Tiger Sport 660, from now till Dec 31.

In conclusion, the Tiger Sport 660 manages to tick all the boxes for riders seeking an exhilarating, versatile, and well-rounded middleweight two-wheeled companion.

It strikes the perfect balance between performance and practicality, making it equally suited for spirited weekend rides and daily commutes.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660
Engine: 660cc, liquid-cooled, 12-valve, inline triple
Maximum power: 80bhp at 10,250rpm
Maximum torque: 64Nm at 6,250rpm
Transmission: Six-speed
Suspension: Front Showa 41mm USD fork non-adjustable; rear Showa single shock, adjustable for preload
Brakes: Front 2x310mm discs with two-piston Nissin callipers, ABS; rear 255mm disc with single-piston calliper, ABS
Features: Two riding modes, traction control, slip and assist clutch, ABS
Fuel capacity: 17.2 litres
Range: 374km
Weight: 206kg
Price: From RM50,900 (without insurance, road tax and registration)
Autos Triumph
CarSifu's Rating: 6.2