Vespa GTV 300: Practical and chic

THE latest edition of the Vespa GTV from Italian brand Piaggio gets the complete and highest-performance engine to be used in a Vespa scooter.

First launched in 2006, the GTV line-up has reached its 18th birthday.

The minute I received the GTV 300 test unit, I walked around the scooter and admired the attention to detail that went into every aspect of its design.

The chrome-finished mirrors, the iconic Vespa badge placed on the front, and the polished exhaust pipe all contributed to the overall aesthetic appeal.

The GTV 300 isn’t just a mode of transportation, it's a statement and an embodiment of Italian style and sophistication.

The latest model takes the most iconic features of the GTV lineage such as its distinctive exposed tubular handlebar, low headlamp on the front mudguard and elegant high-tech elements that emphasise its innovative character.

The two-tone sport saddle with grey details and accessory fairing give the GTV 300 its bold, gritty personality, while the five-spoke matt black wheels and contrasting orange graphics on the sides could be the influence of the racing world.

In order to make this scooter relevant to those young at heart, a top fairing has been added and aims for a ‘sportier’ look (a clear racing inspiration).

The ‘necktie’ at the middle of the leg shield has three lateral slots, adding to the sporty aesthetics.

Making use of Piaggio’s single-cylinder, liquid-cooled and electronically injected High Performance Engine (HPE) engine, the GTV 300 has 23.8hp at its disposal, the highest output from any Vespa.

Other updates on the GTV 300 include LED lights, digital instrumentation and the optional Vespa MIA connectivity.

There is no ignition key for the GTV 300, instead a switch behind the leg board which is a push button, while other electronic aids include traction control and anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Riding through streets was a breeze, thanks to the GTV 300's nimble handling and responsiveness.

The lightweight frame allowed for effortless maneuverability, making it the perfect two-wheel to weave through traffic and take tight corners gracefully.

The suspension system tuned to absorb the imperfections of the road and providing a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

The GTV’s dashboard is seamlessly integrated into the vintage-inspired design.

The digital instrument cluster, nestled within the retro-inspired dashboard, displayed a wealth of information at a glance.

Vehicle speed, fuel level and even trip data were presented in a modern and intuitive interface.

I rode the GTV 300 outside the city and the unit effortlessly transitioned from urban transportation to open roads.

The engine, with its spirited performance, eagerly responded to the open throttle, propelling the scooter forward with a surge of energy.

The GTV 300's acceleration was exhilarating, and I found myself effortlessly cruising at highway speeds.

The wide handlebars and comfortable riding position ensured fatigue-free cruising even on longer stretches.

The saddle provided a comfortable experience during my ride to Tanjung Malim.

The plush leather seat, designed with both style and ergonomics in mind, cradled me in comfort.

The riding position, a perfect balance between relaxed and engaged, allowed for a fatigue-free journey, whether riding through busy streets or cruising along the back roads of Tanjung Malim.

The GTV 300 is a great scooter for riding through corners as it's stable and predictable.

The suspension is firm enough to provide good feedback and it's not so stiff that it becomes uncomfortable.


The brakes are also excellent, with plenty of stopping power.

Gone are the days of weak brakes on scooters as the GTV 300 boasts a Brembo master cylinder up front, paired with a Nissin dual-piston calliper that bites a 220mm disc.

The rear wheel gets a single-piston ByBre calliper on another 220mm disc, also actuated by a Brembo master cylinder.

This combination translates to a precise and progressive braking feel, letting you modulate the force exactly how you need it.

It's also easy to flick from side to side as the GTV 300's low centre of gravity helps to keep it stable even when pushed hard.

The GTV 300 comes with a spacious storage compartment beneath the seat, perfect for storing a helmet, small groceries or everyday essentials which showcased Vespa's commitment to blending practicality with function.

Not to forget, a USB power port for device charging is available too.

While riding at night, the GTV 300's LED lighting system is perfect and illuminated the path ahead with a bright and focused beam, ensuring maximum visibility even at the darkest corners.

The taillight, a stylish design element in its own right, served its practical purpose by enhancing visibility to trailing vehicles.

The RM35,900 GTV 300 is available in Grey Titanio and Beige Sabbia, and displays a timeless charm that draws the attention of the public and fellow riders alike.

The metallic accents and chrome details added a touch of opulence, creating a visual masterpiece that seamlessly blended the past with the present.

Vespa GTV 300
Engine: 278cc, SOHC, liquid-cooled single-cylinder, three valves
Maximum power: 23.8hp at 8,250rpm
Maximum torque: 26Nm at 5,250rpm
Suspension: Front single-sided link arm with coil spring and shock absorber, TBD travel; rear dual shock absorbers, adjustable for preload; TBD travel
Brakes: Front Nissin calliper, 220mm disc with ABS; rear ByBre caliper, 220mm disc with ABS
Fuel capacity: 8.5 litre
Wet weight: 148kg
Price: RM35,900 (without registration, road tax and insurance)
Autos Vespa
CarSifu's Rating: 6.0