Peugeot Landtrek: Bold foray

By GEORGE WONG | 13 April 2023

For Malaysians, the Peugeot brand has always been associated with sedans, hatches and SUVs for the longest time.

Now they have to wrap their heads around the fact Peugeot also has a pick-up truck to sell 'em.

The Landtrek was launched in Malaysia last month in a calculated move by Stellantis to grab market share in a hotly contested segment dominated by the Japanese.

Malaysia is the first country in Asean to get the RM120,072 Landtrek, which is available in only one version.  It's backed by a standard 5-year manufacturer warranty with a 100,000km mileage limit, whichever comes first.

Peugeot said it is open to introducing more Landtrek variants and more engine options subject to market demand and viability.

The launch in Glenmarie, Shah Alam, was followed immediately by a media drive to Sekinchan, Selangor.


Since its global introduction in 2020, the Landtrek has largely found success in the Middle East and Africa, where it has achieved an 81.1% increase in sales in 2022 compared to the previous year.

Based on the Changan Kaicene F70 pick-up truck, the Landtrek is built at the Chinese automaker's plant in Shenzhen, China. A Stellantis rep said it has plans to locally assemble this Peugeot.

It may surprise many to know that Peugeot has been a long-standing player in the pickup truck segment.

In 1938, it offered a commercial flatbed vehicle derived from the Peugeot 202, followed by the Peugeot 203 after World War II, and then the Peugeot 403 and 404.

Finally, in 1979, the Peugeot 504 was introduced and officially named a pick-up, with more than 375,000 units produced.

In the modern iteration, Peugeot has decided to work with Changan and "remodelled" the Kaicene F70 into a truck that meets its Gallic standards.

Peugeot Landtrek Launch_march_2023 (21)

The Kaicene F70 is of itself already a good-looking vehicle inside and out, making for an acceptable starting base for Peugeot.

The Landtrek's strong front has LED signature lighting and a big grille featuring the Peugeot Lion emblem. One can make out the fang-like DRL signature lights that are albeit shortened.

The bonnet is sculpted and muscular, hinting at the Landtrek's off-road capability.

The side profile is dominated by a long bed and a double cab that can take in five passengers. Sidesteps, 18-inch wheels with diamond-cut styling, powered foldable side mirrors, roll bars and roof rails are other notable additions.

The rear of the vehicle features LED/bulb combination taillights and a tailgate with a built-in step, making it easy to access the bed. Overall, the Landtrek's design strikes a balance between form and function, with a look that is both stylish and utilitarian.

20230319_Peugeot0009 (1)

Its sports utility vehicle (SUV)-like interior features a 10-inch HD screen with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth support, 4.2-inch colour display instrument cluster, six speakers and three USB ports. A flat-bottommed tiller and piano key switches are typical Peugeot that will appeal.

No i-Cockpit digital display here as the meter cluster is part analogue and part digital but it still complements the overall look.

The 360-degree camera view is clear and crisp, and comes with distance and width guidelines to ease parking manoeuvres. It can also be set up to turn on automatically when obstacles are detected, particularly useful when offroading.

Dual zone climate control and rear air-cond vents are also standard. The air-conditioner did a splendid job chilling the cabin even in the noon heat.

Leatherette seats are comfortable with both front seats equipped with six-way power adjustments. Rear seats split 60:40 and come with a centre armrest.


Rear leg and headroom is adequate for tallish individuals. Short stints in the back seat is fine but longer rides would be pushing the limits of comfort as the seatback is not as angled back as we would like it.

Note that the test units did not come with bedliners but customer vehicles would include them.

The 1.9-litre D20T turbodiesel engine, which delivers 150hp and 350Nm of torque, is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with 4X4 drive capability via a 4WD transfer dial.

The engine features a variable geometry turbo (VGT) and 16 valves and it is jointly developed by China's Yunnei Power and Germany's FEW Automotive Group. It is compatible with biodiesel rated up to B10.

The vehicle comes with rear differential lock for traversing difficult terrain. With up to 235mm of ground clearance and wading depth of 600mm, the Landtrek should be good for some offroading fun.


While cabin refinements are noticeable, the engine's diesel clatter at standstill is louder than those from the usual suspects but tones down appreciably as the truck gathers speed.

The journey to Sekinchan and back included time on highways and B-roads.

At highway speeds, the mill pulls well enough and has sufficient power to get up to speed quickly and overtake other cars.

A Sport and Eco mode is available to add more pep or economy as the driver desires.

The truck rides on the firm side but is relatively quiet and comfortable on smooth tarmac.

As we headed onto B-roads, the all-terrain tyres coupled with the double wishbones/leaf springs set-up tended to relay noise and vibrations to the interior especially on uneven and rutted surfaces. It's also partly because there was no cargo in the truck bed. With a laden bed, we figured the Landtrek would settle down somewhat.

Peugeot Landtrek Media Drive_March_2023 (29)

As for the six-speed automatic, it occasionally hunts for the right gear when the Landtrek is pushed hard. A manual mode lets the driver row through the cogs on demand.

Standard safety kit includes six airbags, anti-lock braking system, electronic brakeforce distribution, emergency brake assist, dynamic stability control, anti-skid regulation, hill-descent control, hill start assist, lane departure warning and Isofix points.

Other features to make the Landtrek more enticing are cruise control, hydraulic power steering, rain sensing wipers and keyless entry.

The Landtrek comes in six colour options of Ceramic White, Silver Grey, Magnetic Blue, Red Rubi, Rockstone Grey and the model exclusive Olea Green.

So what do we make of the Sino-French four-wheeler?

Peugeot Landtrek Media Drive_March_2023 (61)

Peugeot knows from the get-go it will be an uphill fight against the established players on the truck scene.

First drive impressions indicate the Landtrek as having a blend of capability, comfort, and style. Enough for it to gain a foothold locally and appeal to a select group of buyers looking for something different.

As human nature goes, people will often gravitate to the familiar. The Landtrek is for now unfamiliar territory.

It may yet carve a niche for itself as it evolves and gets refined further. Time will tell.