Porsche 718 Cayman GT4: Track day fun

BY far, the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 has the best "smile per mile" ratio compared to the rest of its stablemates.

Its got all the necessary accoutrements that will have its driver feeling like a real racer in no time thanks to the "spartan-ish" setup.

The chassis feels "uber" stiff and the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB) will take all sorts of abuse - all day long, and keep on smiling.


This chance opportunity allowed for a real experience for what this little Porsche has to offer in its preferred eco-system - the track, specifically the Sepang International Circuit.

The 4.0-litre (3,995cc) naturally aspirated flat-six is able to punch out 420PS at 7,600rpm and 420Nm of torque from 5,000 to 6,800rpm.

All that grunt gets managed by a crispy shifting six-speed manual.

That's right, the GT4 demands its drivers to return to the operational roots of using all three pedals.


With the Clubsport package which includes a roll cage inside the two-seater cabin, expect all the track's surface nuances to reach the driver.

Straight out of the pits, it's pedal to the metal for this mid-mounted engine and listening to it wail as the needle bolts towards its 8,000rpm red-line put the senses on high alert.

This Cayman simply wants to be constantly pushed.


Everything simply feels exceptionally well put together to have it ready for track duties while also being road-legal.

The revs build quickly and power on tap is always readily available without any lag.

By the time the GT4 reached our hands, it'd been abused since morning and the tyres were pretty much tired.

Yet, it was still willing to be belted around the shortened circuit that practically revolves around the South Paddock of the Sepang International Circuit.


Standing on the PCCB to slow the GT4 before the first tight right-hander still had a significant bite with nary a hint of brake fade.

Steer into the corner and it still maintained its razor-sharp attitude with plenty of tyre feedback coming back to the driver.

The GT4 provides its driver with the option to engage the auto-blip function for more novice drivers.


Handling the GT4 at its limits is forgiving and getting it won't spring any surprises upon its driver.

Instead, it'll allow its driver to quickly undertake corrective measures to get it back in line and save any embarrassment.

Owners will constantly want to keep the GT4 at the limits and this will, of course, be at the detriment of the tyres.

The way the engine wails all the way up to 8,000rpm is simultaneously evocative and absolutely addictive while manhandling it and for that, it'll have its owner grinning all the way to the back of their heads.


For the Cayman GT4, budding owners need to forget about everyday useability for this particular Stuttgarter, because this is all about all-day race-ability.

This particular Porsche isn't for the faint of hearts and neither is it for those looking for some paddle-shifting fun out on the track.

Rather, think of it as a Porsche that'll help its driver hone their skills while infusing the experience with heaps of fun.
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