Porsche Taycan GTS: Energetic thrust

THE Taycan GTS is positioned in the middle of Porsche’s all-electric sports saloon range, above the 4S and below the Turbo models, as reflected by the price tags and power output levels.

It was also the first Taycan to break the 500km mark in travel range, at 439km to 504km on the WLTP (worldwide harmonised light vehicle test procedure) combined figure.

We recently had the Taycan GTS, looking resplendent in the striking Carmine Red paint job (costs RM11,874), for a few hours and enjoyed its seamless, incredibly quick sprints and refined interior comfort.

Our demonstration unit came with lots of optional bells and whistles, including 21-inch wheels and a panoramic glass roof with variable light control where at the touch of a button, an electrically switchable liquid crystal film can change the roof from clear to matte, thus protecting occupants from glare.


Running on Pirelli P Zero Elect ultra high-performance tyres sized 265/35 (front) and 305/30 (rear), and fitted with adaptive air suspension, including Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), the Taycan GTS delivered an impressive balance of sporty handling and high comfort levels under hard acceleration.

The steering feels tight and accurate, road irregularities are absorbed with ease, and the cabin is quite well insulated from road, wind and traffic noises.

A rotary dial on the steering wheel allows for selecting driving modes (Normal, Sport, Sport Plus, Range, Individual).

While its maximum torque of 850Nm is only fully unleashed with Launch Control activated (maximises acceleration from a standstill), the instant torque of its all-electric powertrain simply translates into monstrous off-the-line pace into high triple-digit speed on the digital instrument cluster.


The four-seat cabin has a sports car look and feel, especially with mixed leather upholstery and red stitching.

While rear legroom is more than adequate, the super sports saloon’s sloping rear roofline means that rear headroom for 1.7-metre people is a little tight.

All four door handles swing outwards automatically as you approach, step inside the car, and it’s ready to be driven without pushing a power button.
Press and hold the power button to shut down the car.

Touchscreen displays make up practically the dashboard and centre console, where in-car multimedia, climate control and navigation functions are accessed.


Comforts and useful features include powered front seats, coat hooks on the B pillars, a surround-view camera system which makes it a lot easier to safely park the car, 84 litres of storage space in the front section, and 407 litres in the boot.

We found two USB-C slots and a 12V socket in the centre console’s storage compartment (between the front seats), and another 2 USB-C slots on the rear bench (for rear occupants).

When we took the fully charged car in the morning, the remaining travel distance was 401km.

According to the odometer reading, we had performed a fair bit of quick sprints and dynamic driving in the Taycan GTS over 76km, and as a result, the battery level had dropped to 61% and the remaining travel distance was 232km when we returned the car to the showroom in Ara Damansara.

Despite the brief time we spent with the Taycan GTS, we came away impressed by its high-tech balancing act of power, performance, dynamic driving character and interior comfort.

While an all-electric sports saloon lacks the raw emotional exhaust roar of a fossil fuel-powered car and what we got instead was the whine from the electric motors, the gargantuan power output and instant torque delivery of the Taycan GTS will more than satisfy any driver’s need for excitement.

Porsche Taycan GTS
Powerplant: Porsche E-Performance Powertrain with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor on the front and rear axles
Power output: 517PS; 598PS overboost power with Launch Control
Maximum torque: 850Nm with Launch Control
Battery capacity: 93.4 kWh, two-deck Performance Battery Plus
Range: 439km - 504km (WLTP)
Charger type: AC / (DC
DC quick charging: 5% to 80% under 23 mins
Transmission: Single-speed (front axle), 2-speed (rear axle)
Features: ParkAssist including Surround View, Power Steering Plus, Comfort Access, on-board AC charger with 22kW, charging cable (Mode 3), advanced climate control (4-zone), tyre pressure monitoring, auto-deploying door handles, automatic tailgate, Porsche Active Aerodynamics with active air intake flaps and adaptive rear spoiler, 8 airbags, powered front seats with memory, Warn and Brake Assist including Pedestrian protection, Lane Keep Assist including Traffic Sign Recognition, 10-speaker system and 150 watts output, Porsche Connect including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Suspension: Adaptive air suspension including Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) and Smart Lift function
Acceleration (0-100kph): 3.7 seconds with Launch Control
Top speed: 250kph
Rear luggage compartment: 407 litres
Front luggage compartment: 84 litres
Base price: from RM765,000 (under Budget 2023 tax incentives)

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CarSifu's Rating: 8.6