100 years of Bosch battery innovation for every ride

KUALA LUMPUR: The battery is among the most important parts of a vehicle, for without it, even the most powerful engines of cars today will not start.

Bosch Mobility Aftermarket has been in the automotive business for more than 100 years with its first production of the motorcycle battery in 1922, in Feuerbach, Stuttgart.

Five years later in 1927, the company ventured into making batteries for cars.

The company achieved a breakthrough in 1980 with the production of maintenance-free batteries that freed motorists from topping up the "water" in their batteries every month. This is the beginning of lead-calcium technology.

Later in the 2000s, Bosch went into the manufacturing of Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) with ST Hightec AGM and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) batteries that features a much higher recharging capacity required by vehicles featuring a start-stop ignition system.

Following the current automotive trends, Bosch also introduced its motorcycle lithium-ion battery in 2016 and later the higher output 48volt lithium-ion battery for cars two years later in 2018.

Incidentally, the world will celebrate the 279th anniversary of the birth of Alessandro Volta on Feb 18 this year.

The Italian scientist, whose contribution to inventing the electric battery, was so priceless that the electric measurement unit "volt" is used to honour him.

With modern vehicles requiring higher levels of energy to operate more onboard electronic systems, Bosch Mobility Aftermarket has developed a range of advanced batteries featuring the latest technologies to deliver optimal performance.

Among the battery types are the Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM), Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB), Alternator Management System (AMS), Calcium-Silver Technology and Calcium-Calcium Technology.

Hightec AGM.
Hightec AGM.
AGM battery
Suitable for vehicles equipped with advanced Start-Stop engines and regenerative braking. Also comes with recharging capacity and up to three times cyclic endurance compared with conventional batteries. This battery suitable for Continental car likes Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Audi, Skoda, Jaguar and Land Rover Group.

Hightec EFB.
Hightec EFB.
EFB battery
Suitable for vehicles with entry-level Start-Stop engines. The battery also features extended cycle life with optimised power delivery, higher thermal stability for use in the engine compartment and hot climate regions. Popular applications, major Asia Pacific vehicle brands including Mazda, Subaru, Nissan and Lexus.

Hightec AMS.
Hightec AMS.
AMS battery
Designed for vehicles with an Alternator Management System, the AMS battery features high charge acceptance capability with enhanced endurance to withstand frequent charge and discharge cycles. Installing a conventional flooded battery in an AMS vehicle may shorten the battery’s expected life span.

Mega Power Silver (Calcium-Silver).
Mega Power Silver (Calcium-Silver).
Calcium-Silver battery
Developed for modern vehicles featuring sophisticated built-in electronic equipment. It promises about 30% higher starting power compared with a standard battery and delivers reliable starting under challenging temperatures.

Mega Power (Calcium-calcium)
Mega Power (Calcium-calcium)
Calcium-Calcium battery
The entry-level Bosch battery is designed for standard vehicles with performance meets OE specifications. Bosch Mega Power meets the energy demands of a wide range of automotive applications ranging from compact to commercial vehicles. The battery also promises long service life with minimum water loss while its reliable power supply ensures electrical devices stay working properly at all times.

All Bosch Mobility Aftermarket batteries feature robust housing to resist leakage during their service lifespan.

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