2016 Bangkok Motor Show: Mercedes-Benz E 220 d for Thailand

By CARSIFU | 23 March 2016

E 220 d in Exclusive trim.
E 220 d in Exclusive trim.

BANGKOK: The limelight is again on the new Mercedes E-Class following its world debut at the Detroit auto show in January.

This time, it struts out at the Bangkok Motor Show to mark its Thai premiere with the diesel E 220 d taking the spotlight.

Only the E 220 d will initially be available and will be specified in Exclusive and AMG Dynamic, priced at 3.999 million baht (RM456,000) and 4.79 million baht (RM546,000) respectively.

E 220 d
The Exclusive version.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class_2016 (1)
AMG Dynamic garb.

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The E 220 d gets Mercedes-Benz's first all-aluminium compact four-cylinder diesel engine.

The model will be sold as a fully imported model before being locally assembled at a later stage.

The car gets a new 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine that replaces the 2.1-litre unit. A nine-speed transmission relays 194hp and 400Nm of torque to the rear wheels.

The E 220 d is notable for having the first all-aluminium four-cylinder diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz. The new diesels are more efficient and powerful, lighter and more compact - and they are designed to meet all future global emissions standards.

Part of the objectives behind the new generation of engines was to reduce the number of variants as far as possible. The engine's compact dimensions allow even more flexibility in adapting to different vehicle models.  There are plans for several output variants as well as longitudinal and transverse installation in vehicles with front-, rear- and all-wheel drive. This makes the new engine significant, because the improvements in efficiency have a direct impact on Mercedes-Benz's fleet consumption.

With the E-Class being the bestselling Merc model in Malaysia, Mercedes-Benz isn't going to waste the opportunity to bring in the latest E-Class in the coming months.

The 10th-generation business sedan is characterised by an emotive design and high-grade interior. It marks the world premiere of numerous technical innovations which enable comfortable, safe driving on a new level plus a new dimension in driver assistance – among other things.

The new E-Class
A cabin designed to impress

Mercedes-Benz said the Active Lane-change Assistant, which allows the driver to steer into the selected lane as if by magic, make the E-Class the most intelligent saloon in the business class.

It comes complete with infotainment and control systems offering an all‑new experience.

The newly developed diesel engine coupled with lightweight design and record-breaking aerodynamics figures set the standards for efficiency in this segment, while new, optionally available multi-chamber air suspension promises outstanding ride comfort and driving dynamics.

BIMS 2016 132

The E 220 d delivers NEDC combined consumption of 3.9 litres per 100 kilometres, which equates to CO2 emissions of 102 grams per kilometre – a figure that until now only significantly smaller vehicles have been able to deliver.

In addition to this, the four-cylinder unit is said to be refined. In its basic form it features single-stage turbocharging and variable turbine geometry. Both the cylinder head and the crankcase are made of aluminium. The Mercedes-Benz developed NANOSLIDE surface coating efficiently reduces the friction between cylinder surface and steel piston.

Further model variants will be added to the range after the market launch, including the E 350 e featuring hybrid technology.

BIMS 2016 134

The most powerful diesel variant will boast a six-cylinder engine incorporating advanced SCR exhaust technology, with an output of 258hp and a peak torque of 620Nm.

Another variant to join the range will be the E 400 4MATIC whose six-cylinder petrol engine has an output of 333hp and a maximum torque of 480Nm.

Mercedes-Benz began production of the new E-Class at its Sindelfingen plant near Stuttgart in February.

With a total of over 13 million E-Class sedans and wagons sold, the E-Class is the best-selling vehicle in Mercedes-Benz history.

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Seitliche Rückhaltesysteme in der E-Klasse (W213). Gelber Drucksensor in den Türmodulen. Side Restraint Systems in the new E-Class. Yellow pressure sensors in the door modules.
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