2024 MINI Countryman SE ALL4 arrives: RM260K estimated

SERDANG: The 2024 MINI Countryman SE ALL4 has an estimated retail pricing of RM260,000 with SST (on the road, without insurance).

The new MINI Countryman SE ALL4 arrives exclusively with the Favoured Trim, which features roof and mirror caps in Piano black or Vibrant Silver, window slot cover and door cladding elements in high-gloss black and optical skid plate at the front and rear.

It has a sport steering wheel and 20-inch Windmill Spoke wheels in 2-tone.

Its interior is furnished with knitted fabric with elegant houndstooth pattern in Dark Petrol, coloured accent fabric strip and JCW sport seats made of Vescin Beading in Vintage Brown or Dark Petrol.

In terms of luggage volume, the Countryman SE ALL4 has a capacity of 460 litres, which can be expanded to 1,350 litres.

The Countryman SE ALL4 delivers 313 hp and 494 Nm of torque, allowing for a 0 – 100 km/h sprint in just 5.6 seconds to a top speed capped at 180 km/h.

With a 66.5 kWh battery capacity, the Countryman SE ALL4 boasts an electric range of up to 432km and can be charged using up to 22 kW AC charging or 130 kW DC fast-charging – the latter of which allows for 10 to 80 per cent charge within just 30 minutes.

The New MINI Countryman distinguishes itself from its predecessors by offering increased room, superior comfort, ALL4 All-Wheel Drive capability, and advanced digital and safety features.

The new MINI Countryman has grown noticeably compared to its predecessor. Now it is even more spacious and comfortable with an additional six centimetres in height and thirteen centimetres in length.

From the front, the new octagonal vehicle grille, featuring intricate detailing, is flanked by LED adaptive headlights with high-beam assistant, and reinforcing the Countryman’s distinctive character are its three light signatures, available in the front and rear LED lights.

All light modes also start and end with a specially orchestrated welcome and goodbye animation.


With a generous dashboard design providing an expansive forward view, the new Countryman also marks the first instance where an instrument cluster is deemed unnecessary.

Driving-related information is instead conveniently displayed on the MINI head-up display located behind the steering wheel, while other functions can be easily accessed via the touch-sensitive centre icon or via voice control.

Other standard features of the new MINI Countryman are the interior and exterior mirror package, interior rear-view mirror with automatic anti-dazzle function, as well as electrically adjustable front seats with memory and massage functions for the driver seat, headliner anthracite and Harman Kardon 12-speaker surround sound systems.

The new MINI Countryman arrives with Driving Assistant and Parking Assistant Plus as standard.

The former includes Lane Keep Assist, Manual Speed Limit Assist, Avoidance Assistance, Collision Warning, Junction Warning, Lane change Warning (Blind spot), Exit Warning, pedestrian and cyclist warning with city brake function including turning, Turn Warning in the case of oncoming traffic, Crossing-traffic Warning, and Road sign recognition. Meanwhile, Parking Assistant Plus comes with Park Assist, Reversing Assistant (up to 50m), Active Park Distance Control, Drive off monitoring, Parking view, Panaroma view, Rear Panaroma view, Remote 3D view, BMW Drive Recorder, and Anti-theft recorder (external).

To further elevate the user experience, additional driver assistance functions including Driving Assistant Plus and Parking Assistant Professional will also be available to the New MINI Countryman. The former includes Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go, Steering and Lane Control Assistant, Manual and Automatic Speed Limit Assistant, while Parking Assistant Professional adds Remote Parking Function, Manoeuvring Assistant and Reversing Assistant (up to 200m).

The MINI App features many new functions including Remote 3D View, generated via vehicle cameras taking pictures of the parked MINI’s surroundings, Remote Engine Start that starts the MINI’s engine automatically and brings the car to the desired temperature before boarding, MyTrips which provides information on the driver’s most recent journeys and driving style, and other new functions relating to e-mobility, such as start/stop charging and setting a desired charge level.

Through the MINI App, the MINI Digital Key Plus is also available, transforming a smartphone into a vehicle key.

As soon as the driver is less than three metres away, the welcome projection of the front headlights and taillights begins and when the driver is less than one and a half metres away, the doors open.

MINI Roadside Assistance.
The New MINI Countryman SE ALL4, New MINI JCW Countryman ALL4, and New MINI Cooper S are covered by MINI Malaysia’s 5-Year Roadside Assistance programme, available for all new MINI vehicles with a comprehensive list of services that include a 24-Hour, 365-days-a-year Accident and Help on the Phone and On the Spot Hotline, Free Towing Services and when needed (over 200KM from residential home), Replacement Vehicle, Seamless Mobility, Accommodation, Mobility Services Solutions as well as Repatriation services.

The MINI Roadside Assistance programme can be accessed by contacting 1800-88-8808.

MINI Extended Warranty & Service Package.
Exemplifying MINI’s commitment to quality and driver satisfaction is the standard two-year warranty, with an optional warranty and service extension providing long-term certainty and peace of mind when purchasing new MINI.

MINI Service Online.
Making a service appointment has never been easier. The new online service programme will now allow customers to schedule their service needs directly at their preferred MINI Authorised Dealerships via https://service.mini.my/ .

MINI Financing.
With Easy Drive Financing by BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia, ownership of the New MINI Countryman SE ALL4, New MINI JCW Countryman ALL4 and New MINI Cooper S is made more attractive with a special RM10,000 cash rebate. The monthly instalment of above models starts from RM 2,700, RM 4,000 and RM 2,500 respectively (based on estimates of 75% loan, 100,000 km mileage on a five-year tenure).
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