2025 BMW M3 sedan and touring: Extra 20hp on AWD models, new headlights

MUNICH: The 2025 BMW M3 sedan and touring high-performance premium midsize variants get a power hike of 15 kW/20 hp for the all-wheel-drive models, and new design and equipment features.

The newly designed headlights and steering wheels bring fresh touches to the exterior and interior, joined by new forged light-alloy wheels, new interior trim elements and the introduction of BMW Operating System 8.5 to underpin the latest generation of BMW iDrive.

For this new edition of the storied model series, the most powerful version of the six-cylinder in-line engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology produces output of 390 kW/530hp.

In the new BMW M3 Competition sedan and touring (both with M xDrive), the increased engine power is channelled via an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic to all four wheels.

The power unit in the new BMW M3 Competition sedan generates maximum output of 375 kW/510 hp, and links up with an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic and sends its power through the rear wheels.

For owners seeking a pure-bred performance experience not offered by any segment rival, the new BMW M3 sedan teams the 353 kW/480 hp variant of the straight-six engine with a six-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive.

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All model variants of the new BMW M3 Sedan and new BMW M3 Touring will be built at BMW Group Plant Munich.

They will be launched worldwide with a production phase-in in July 2024.

he most important sales regions for the BMW M3 sedan are the USA, China, Great Britain, Australia and Germany.

The BMW M3 touring is extremely popular above all in Germany, but also in Great Britain, other European countries and Australia.

All the variants of the new BMW M3 Sedan and new BMW M3 Touring feature a high-revving straight-six engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology.

In all its output variants, the 3.0-litre unit stands out with its healthy appetite for revs into the highest reaches of the engine speed range and so produces the linear power delivery typical of high-performance models from BMW M.

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The engine variant in the new BMW M3 Competition sedan and touring (both with M xDrive) develops an extra 15 kW/20 hp.

The six-cylinder in-line engine now generates maximum output of 390 kW/530 hp (up from the previous 375 kW/510 hp) at 6,250 rpm.

The upgraded engine, which also serves as the basis for the unit powering the BMW M4 GT3, summons its peak torque of 650 Nm between 2,750 and a now even higher 5,730 rpm.

The result is even more ferocious, sustained power delivery that adds another layer of intensity to the performance experience – in particular when the driver is exploring the car’s dynamic limits – and enables impressive acceleration figures.

The six-speed manual gearbox fitted in the new BMW M3 sedan is, like the standard eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic of the Competition models, tuned to optimum effect to the performance characteristics of the engine at hand.

Drivers favouring a sporty driving style will enjoy the benefits of the standard-fit gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.

The driving experience can be tailored even more precisely by adapting the shift characteristics of the transmission, using the Drivelogic button.

The two most powerful models are equipped with M xDrive to elevate traction to an even higher level.

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The rear-biased setup of the intelligent all-wheel-drive system further enhances the agility of the new BMW M3 Competition sedan and touring (both with M xDrive).

The system teams up with the Active M Differential at the rear axle – whose operation is also fully variable – to add to the signature M feeling when powering through corners.

In addition to the default 4WD setting, the driver can also select 4WD Sport mode via the M Setup menu.

Here, a higher proportion of drive power is sent to the rear wheels for even more agile handling.

Switching off DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) also brings 2WD mode into play, which means power is sent exclusively to the rear wheels.

This mode offers skilled drivers a pure-bred driving experience without interventions from the control systems.

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