Four luxurious Mercedes-Benz upgrades this Father’s Day from Cycle & Carriage

PETALING JAYA: Mercedes-Benz dealer Cycle & Carriage is offering four ways families could give the fathers in their lives a special treat, come Father's Day, which falls on June 16.

For car fanatic dads, give his “baby” a new refreshed look

If dad’s beloved Mercedes-Benz has had its fair share of journeys or picked up minor scratches along the way, it might be time to restore its shine.

Cycle & Carriage Express Spray Paint service offers a convenient and high-quality solution to bring back that showroom shine.
Alternatively, if a full paint job isn't necessary, Cycle & Carriage Grooming Service is the perfect choice.

Regular waxing every three months and polishing once or twice a year is essential to preserve a car's aesthetic appeal.

For superhero dads, revamp his “batmobile” interior

Treat dad with a change of surroundings by revamping his car’s interior.

For an extra dash of flair, explore 3D Glory Premium Car Mats or LED door lights.

The 3D Glory mats are tailor-made to fit specific car models, engineered to reduce foot fatigue, and boast an anti-skid design.

Meanwhile, the LED door lights cast a 3D Mercedes-Benz logo onto the floor to exude a “superhero’s entrance”, and illuminate the entryway — handy in low-light conditions.

Also consider keeping your leather upholstery protected with Cycle & Carriage’s Premium Leather Guard.

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For busy dads to stay safe and connected wherever he goes

Stay seamlessly connected with the Mercedes Me Connect (MMC).

This digitally links the phone to the car, granting the ability to control vehicle functions remotely or locally via smartphone.

MMC allows real-time access to vital information such as mileage, tyre pressure, and fuel or battery levels.

Ensure peace of mind, with the safety features of MMC.

Geofencing allows dad or the family to monitor the Mercedes-Benz's location within specified boundaries via the app.

Be rest assured when parking, theft notification and parking damage detection can even provide real-time updates on any incidents involving his car.

In emergencies, dad can remotely lock or unlock the vehicle using his phone, providing convenient control when needed.

For dads looking to get a taste of luxury driving

Treat him to a test drive experience at the nearest Cycle & Carriage branch.

Encourage him to ask questions, and explore the features.

Schedule an appointment ahead at any Cycle & Carriage locations for a full 360-degree experience.

If you and dad happen to be nearby any Cycle & Carriage location, take a moment to enjoy the hospitality of the Star Lounge, complete with complimentary food and drinks.

Reach out to Cycle & Carriage's 24-hour WhatsApp chatbot at +6012-6202042 or visit our official website at

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