700hp Praga Bohema enters production

PRAGUE: Praga, one of the world’s oldest car brands, has confirmed its first road-legal hypercar has entered production in a dedicated facility in the Czech Republic.

The Praga Bohema – first revealed in prototype form in late-2022 – will be hand-built in very low numbers over the next four years and could well be the last all-new petrol-powered hypercar.

At below 1,000kg and 700hp, the all-carbon aero-driven two-seater is set to be a dramatic addition to hypercar collectors’ garages.

First customers of the €1.36 million (RM7mil) road-legal hypercar were recently invited to visit Praga’s bespoke assembly facility to see the hand-building process.

Praga’s first Bohema clients also had the opportunity to experience the final production specification Bohema on its standard Pirelli Trofeo R tyres on icy Czech roads, ahead of its public reveal scheduled for spring 2024.

The first customer Bohema handover will take place in Europe in the first half of 2024; the car will feature a unique specification to celebrate the occasion.

In addition to the European cars, handovers are being planned in the UAE and USA in 2024, with Praga now scheduling Bohema production in 2025.

The start of production for the Bohema follows the completion of Praga’s intensive on-road pre-production development and on-track ride-and-drive test programmes through 2023 at locations including Spa-Francorchamps, the Red Bull Ring and Nürburgring.

Advice and performance expertise has been sourced from some of the world’s best drivers on road and track, including F1 and IndyCar driver, Romain Grosjean, Ben Collins, former Stig of BBC’s Top Gear, and Praga’s Chief Test Driver, and experienced GT racer, Josef Kral.

“This is an important milestone for Praga in our long 117-year history," said Praga Cars owner Tomas Kasparek.

" We are monitoring every stage of the build process very closely to make sure that the Bohema production car matches, and even exceeds, our customers’ expectations.”

Limited test drive opportunities in Europe and the UK will begin in spring before Praga kicks off its North American and Middle East Bohema launch programmes in 2024.

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