Alfa Tonale will come with an NFT digital certificate

MILAN: Each model of Alfa Romeo's all-new SUV will come with a non-fungible token.

Based on blockchain technology and uniquely linked to the individual model, this NFT certifies the Tonale at purchase and then follows it throughout its existence.

In particular, it will be enriched with details concerning the vehicle's servicing and maintenance.

This is a minor revolution in the automotive sector, as this technology is based on the concept of creating confidential and unalterable records of the various stages of a vehicle's life.

An NFT is a unique certified digital token, which guarantees its exclusive nature.

Here, with the customer's consent, the NFT will compile data throughout the vehicle's lifespan, generating a certificate that will guarantee, at any time, that the car is properly serviced and maintained.

This will be particularly useful in the event of a resale, as these reliable and irreversible records will offer reassurance to potential buyers.

Orders for the Tonale are due to open in April 2022, with the first deliveries not expected until early 2023.

Eventually, Alfa Romeo could offer this type of certification system for its entire vehicle range.
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