All-electric BMW 3 Series with 700km range coming in 2025, says report

By CARSIFU | 18 October 2021

LONDON: An all-electric BMW 3 Series is coming in 2025 and could offer over 700km range, according to UK-based publication Autocar.

The so-called Neue Klasse electric architecture is known internally as the "NK1" and will be produced alongside 3 Series models with internal combustion engines running on petrol and diesel.

At present, BMW still have more years to go before retiring the G20 3 Series, having introduced the current generation only in 2018.

The use of an all-new electric platform, fewer parts and a flat floor means the electric 3 Series can be re-packaged to offer a longer wheelbase and therefore more cabin space.

Shorter front and rear overhangs can be expected to maximise wheelbase. The electric 3 Series will also come in options of rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive, translating to the use of either one motor or two motors in the car.

The current 3 Series Touring.
The current 330e Touring.

BMW would develop the electric motors itself and they would have superior performance compared to the ones used at present. The electric 3 Series would also be able to handle fast-charging at up to 350kW.

The battery is the most expensive and heaviest part of an EV, so to counteract that, the logical approach is to use a mix of lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre to offset the weight penalty.

In an age where consumers are increasingly demanding more eco-friendly cars, BMW will answer the call with a cabin that uses more recycled materials such as seen in the i Vision Circular concept showcased at the IAA Munich show last month.

While an electric sedan is a given, don't dismiss the idea of an electric sports wagon aka Touring variant.

To milk the electric 3 series concept for all its worth, we can also expect BMW to be working on an electric M3.

Exciting times indeed.