All-new Infiniti QX80 gets 1,200W Klipsch audio system

TOKYO: Infiniti is previewing the new QX80 ahead of its launch on March 20.

The new model combines a striking design with a powerful engine, featuring cutting-edge technology to ensure effortless luxury on the move.

A highlight is the introduction of the Klipsch audio system, a first in its class, offering a 1,200-watt, 24-speaker setup that delivers a concert-like audio experience.

The QX80 also introduces innovative features such as Individual Audio for the driver and Biometric Cooling for second-row passengers, alongside massaging seats for the first and second rows.

Individual Audio allows the unique ability for navigation directions or phone calls to be played only for the driver – ensuring privacy and avoiding disturbing others in the cabin.

Individual Audio, using Klipsch speakers discreetly integrated into QX80's front-seat headrests, ensures the driver hears essential audio, while everyone else on board can sleep, listen to other music or just relax. It's like having a private conference room on wheels.

Biometric Cooling automatically directs air conditioning to the second row. The advanced system can halve the time for second row passengers to reach a comfortable temperature.

An infrared sensor integrated into the vehicle's headliner detects when a passenger is warm– perhaps from an invigorating run or an extra-intense soccer game – and near-instantly adjusts the temperature and air flow to send cool air to the second row, without those in the front row needing to lift a finger.

The QX80 will also be showcased at the 2024 New York International Auto Show, which will run from March 29-April 7.

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