All Perodua, Toyota models in Malaysia are safe, says Loke

PUTRAJAYA: All Perodua and Toyota vehicle models in Malaysia have been certified safe after undergoing retesting, says Anthony Loke.

The Transport Minister said the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) review and further research on data and retest results of both car manufacturers' models have found them to be safe for public use.

This includes six of Perodua’s vehicle models - Axia (first generation), Axia (second generation), Alza (second generation), Aruz, Ativa, Bezza and Myvi.

As for Toyota, three of its vehicle models - Rush, Vios and Veloz - underwent retesting in March earlier this year.

“The tests were completed by competent Technical Services (TS) and recognised by the World Forum Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulation (WP29) through the United Nations Type Approval framework.

“The scope of the UN regulations involved the retesting are door latches, door retention component, pedestrian protection, seat anchorage, seat-head restraints, brake system, frontal impact and side impact.

“All models have been found to fully comply with the safety standards under UN regulations as stipulated under the current Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) procedures,” he said during a press conference at the Transport Ministry office here on Monday.

This announcement comes after an investigation into a safety scandal found issues in 64 models, including almost two dozen sold under Toyota’s brand.

The scandal involved Toyota’s Daihatsu unit after a whistleblower report said the unit had rigged side-collision safety tests carried out for 88,000 small cars, most of those sold as Toyotas in April last year.

Loke said the issue was estimated to affect at least 1.7 million vehicle units sold by both automakers in the Malaysian market.

“JPJ will continue to strictly monitor both the vehicle manufacturers as well as the Daihatsu Motor Corporation to ensure they have implemented the necessary set improvements.

“Among the improvements is the updating of internal testing reporting procedures and the implementation of manufacturing compliance activities periodically involving the authorities, namely JPJ,” Loke added.

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