Aston Martin DB11 successor to be unveiled on May 24

LONDON: Aston Martin is set to take the wraps off the DB11 successor on May 24.

It has released some teaser photos of the new model many believe to be called the DB12 as suggested by a trademark filing of the name by the car maker.

In a hyped-up statement Aston Martin issued today, it said the new sports car would "break free from the norms of the GT sector, creating a new category of one celebrating 75 years of Aston Martin’s iconic DB bloodline of exceptional hand-built British sportscars."

The photos taken in low lighting showed the front, centre console with buttons and carbon fibre trim as well as a side view of the car.


The "DB12" shows off a sleek profile with a long bonnet and a cabin that's pushed rearwards in the "Golden Ratio" tradition that Aston Martin has followed for models it has built.

Some form of electrification is expected to boost performance and hopefully lighten the car. The interior design and safety tech would also be updated for the 21st Century as alluded to in its statement that the DB11 replacement model would be a foretaste of new Aston Martins with huge performance, sharp driving dynamics, integration of advanced technologies and the brand's signature craftsmanship.

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