Aston Martin teases refreshed Vantage

LONDON: Aston Martin has released a teaser photo of the refreshed Vantage ahead of its launch on Feb 12.

The image showed a crisp body line that runs from the fender across the door, a styling element that is carried over from the current roadster.

There are already spy shots floating around online and they showed the new Vantage changes are not just mild but extensive.

The spy photos indicate changes include a more conservative grille and bigger headlights. Side mirror caps will also include turn signals.

The Vantage will not get a V12 engine option. Instead, it will continue to use the V8 powerplant supplied by Mercedes-AMG, which will see a power boost from the current 503bhp.

The new Vantage will not be the only car unveiled on Feb 12. Keeping it company will be the new AMR24 Formula 1 car and the Vantage GT3.
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